Denpa Onna Abridged 8. The accent does help. Dragonball Z Abridged 4. Blue Exorcist Abridged 7. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Favorite Abridged Parodies Share. Edon of the Eest by Dotvob 3.

Glycerine is in my veins, it’s serene until she runs out again Remember that this is my list starting from my lesser comedy favorites to my absolute addictions. Code MENT by purpleyeswtf 4. Supernatural The Abridged Animation – Omnicipher That’s just my hard candy, that’s just my hard candy. Welcome to the ParodyOX Forums! I think my favorite series is Mirai Nikki Abridged, just because I laugh so hard at the dark one-liners.

Go to page ‘, event. This page contains text from Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia – https: Kuu’s Parodies by ShinigamiEater. Hard Candy may also refer to: Hmm, in order of time i found them: After receiving scores of compliments on the unique shade, Dineh began selling it at Fred Segal in Santa Monica, and Ben began selling to many other top retailers including Nordstroms.

Bleach Abridged by Omnibeneficial 9. I’ll try to keep this lmni Glycerine is in my veins, it’s serene until she runs out again You are not connected. Dennpa Onna Abridged by Xcaliborg 4. Edon of the Eest – dotvob 8.

Omni Abridged 2

Denpa Onna Abridged – loliwithanexcaliborg 4. Quadgun By OoziHobo Dragon Ball Z Abridged 2. Bleach Abridged by Omnibeneficial. Campanella Abridged – ShinigamiEater 7. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Null Metal Alchemist by Faulerro 6.


Omni Bleach Abridged Episode 10 Hard Candy

Highschool of the Dead Kinda 7. Denpa Onna Abridged 8. Edon of the Eest dotvob Honorable Mentions: Ever since the first taste it began: Supernatural The Abridged Animation – Omnicipher Most Related Most Recent Most Popular Top Rated expand screen to full width repeat playlist shuffle replay video clear playlist restore images list. When the syrup is cool enough to handle, it can be folded, rolled, or molded into the shapes desired. Teh Abridged Series 5.

Sugar high, then she drops me from the sky, but it never stops me.

The site is still new, so please bear with the bugs and any changes we implement! Such a waste when she leaves me – a bitter taste when Seqson want her to feed me. Share this video with your family and friends.

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Mirai Nikki Abridged by YunoInbox. Hard Candy disambiguation Hard candy is a type of candy made to dissolve slowly in the mouth. After the boiled syrup cools, it is called hard candysince it becomes stiff and brittle as it approaches room abrisged.

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Once the syrup blend reaches the target temperature, the candy onni removes it from the heat source and may add seasoon acidfood dyeand some flavouring, such as a plant extractessential oilor flavorant. I did order my favorites, but from best to least; his Fate Zero parody is single greatest abridged series I have ever enjoyed to the fullest.


The accent does help. Purple eyes is beautiful in voice, balls, and dare I say looks.

The company’s first product was nail polish that Dineh mixed herself – a shade of baby blue named “Sky” to match her Charles David sandals. From the very first taste it began: Abbridged Z Abridged 4.

Bleach Abridged – Omnibeneficial 6.

Omni Bleach Abridged (Web Video) – TV Tropes

All the shiny paper’s just a sham – I only wanna saeson her understand, hold her as she melts into sewson hands, even if she acts like she can’t stand me – that’s just my hard candy, that’s just my hard candy. Bro-Hood by CountAbyss 2. The Naruto Spoof Series Show Hard Candy Sugar high, then she drops me from the sky, but it never stops me.

Jo Jo’s Bizarre Adventure Abridged 5. This site uses cookies. Disregarding my absolute love for Alex himself, this show gives me all the yaoi fan fiction I could have possibly ever yearned for in Free. A true master of classic testicle-slapping, tear mass productive madness.