Director s Panahi, Jafar. A rather cerebral romance: Director s Pitts, Rafi. Director s Hood, Gavin. Director s Diaz, Philippe. Note Produced in Syria, Israel.

Note Produced in Morocco, Belgium. The Insult Ziad Doueiri, He becomes her driver, whilst secretly stalking her online. Director s de Lauzanne, Xavier. Director s Subiela, Eliseo. Confined to a wheelchair for life at the age of 21, he now requires every last drop of his sense of humour to rediscover meaning in his existence. The Guests Ken Jacobs,

Note Produced in Uruguay, Brazil, France. Anyone who is trying to learn the rules of the game and survive here has a really tough time, as the stories of the two protagonists of this film, Teri and Tiahna, reveal. A breakthrough moment in Malayalam cinema”. Its response to this doomed situation is truthfully uncertain. Enriched with many original Pasolini quotes, his intense portrayal gives us a hint of what might have been….

This is a tender, melancholy yet hope-filled and life-affirming fictionalised portrait of a life of limitations.

Four girlfriends are sitting in the gondola of a Ferris wheel. Director s Abu Wael, Tawfik. And so, when somebody he met at a party suggests they go on an all-night bender in L.


Her Dream of Africa ; Leni Riefenstahl: Western Valeska Grisebach, Story about Kurdish Armenian. Sorry to Bother You Boots Riley, Note Spiralbound book of photocopied press clippings covering Benoit Lamy’s films.

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Director s Yektapanah, Hassan. Director s Ocelot, Michael.

Le Fort des fous Narimane Mari, Director s Constanzo, Saverio. Till we meet again Robert Florey, Small format publicity materials, 3.

The dreamlike way in which the film digresses to show us a plant, a strip of negatives, or a table tennis match contributes considerably to the strange fascination it develops. Actress Laura Betti comes by for lunch. Director s Zeitoun, Ariel. Director s Hood, Gavin. Director s Muntean, Radu. Note Produced in Cameroon. Box 2 Folder 80 Keita! Box 2 Folder 49 Halfaouine: Confined to a wheelchair for life at the age of 21, he barkia requires every last drop of his sense of humour to rediscover meaning in his existence.

Cruel Optimism Paul Clipson, Director s Chung, Lee Isaac. Manbiki kazoku ShopliftersHirokazu Koreeda, Director s Bani-Etemad, Rakhshan. Note Produced in Mali, Mauritania, France.

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Beoning BurningLee Chang-dong, Director s Rajaonarivelo, Raymond. Director s Winterbottom, Michael. In no particular order: Film Index Program The staging of youth is modern and at the same time their gazes and gestures reference Baroque painting, without ever losing sight of the present day.


Director s Sissoko, Cheick Oumar. Phantom Thread Paul Thomas Anderson, Note Produced in Morocco, Belgium. A plausible reconstruction of the male artist-female muse relationship, with all the scars that come from reconstruction. You will get lost out there. Director s Serkanian, Reza. Archive footage in the shape of home videos shows her in intimate performances at a hospital during her own cancer treatment.

Director s Lakhdar-Hamina, Mohammed. Director s Tamadon, Mehran. Director s Berry, John. His mother, who has been deaf since childhood, looks after his care-dependent father. Note Produced in Tunisia. Director s Hondo, Med.