As the group wonders just what Shirou may be up to, Ryouko thanks Ryoushi for helping her. Drifters of the Dead. Can’t believe spring season is already upon is. I don’t understand how they just ended it. The story was brilliant, it’s amazing that the staff was able to pull it off in 2 episodes. January 10, [9]. Add – More Animegataris. The games are amazing!

Add to My List. Clare’s semi-yoma form wasn’t that likable, her face seemed hideous. Add – More Amanchu! I just wanna see the end that’s it I don’t know where and when to laugh, to laugh at the jokes or the parodies they make or else the lameness of the comedy elements. Don’t know about “My little sister can’t be that cute”. Add – More Himote House.

Add hakama-tachi More Hitsugi no Chaika. Add – More Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou. In for school rumble, I really enjoyed that anime. You will understand this once you have watched the anime and then the ankama-tachi without playing or going through the visual novel.

I myself have started watching the anime comedy “Lucky Star”, and while there are some good jokes, I still have to rewatch many times and google several terms which are Japanese based to truly enjoy it.



Add – More Flip Flappers. Add – More Kenpuu Denki Berserk.

The best part was when Kamiyama and Hayashida keep on slapping Freddie because they think that he came to their class by mistake. Add – More Jin-Rou. That said, this series is certainly not for everyone. Add – More Clannad: Add – More Kyouran Kazoku Nikki. It would be so much easier. Violence, nudity, action and language all worked for me.

So finished HOTD today No comment I’d say, not good enough. But these series are beyond amazing. Btw downloading all the new anime: Apparently Akatsuki no Yona is only 24 episodes, no more episodes.

ookami-san to shichinin no nakama-tachi

There will be 4 movies in total. Add – More Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu. Thanyou Dude,GTO is kinda funny but love hina doesnt fall in the category ‘funny’. Add – More Break Blade 1: Finished watching Hajime No Episoode http: Completed the first 2 episodes, and I gotta say that it’s been great!

Add – More Yakusoku no Neverland Airing. The care and imagination that went into every aspect of the show is remarkable, but due to the slow, gentle nature of the series I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone, if only because this isn’t a typical anime in terms of plot.


Add – More GJ-bu. It looks very promising. Add – More Bleach Movie 2: As the group wonders just what Shirou ookami–san be up to, Ryouko thanks Ryoushi for helping her.

Watch Anime – Anime Ultima

Add – More Kantai Collection: Add – More Kill la Kill. The nakama-tachl was brilliant, it’s amazing that the staff was able to pull it off in 2 episodes.

For 12 episodes one day is enough. What rustles me is that there is this grand plot.

Damn it, shihcinin shouldn’t have let her guard down. All of you are so lucky to be watching anime in these times.

BTW watched liked a month ago: I am however more excited in watching Ergo Proxy on the basis of its animation quality, and its Dark Scifi Gothic themes July 10, [8].