Go south and jump down. During this chapter the trading sequence can be completed, therefore make sure you collected all the necessary items so far. Continue around right one, down one, and left two screens to 1F-C3. Open it to find… an enemy!? Eventually, Vire will separate into two smaller Keese-like creatures. However, this shield can still be eaten by Like-Likes, though it can be purchased from Horon Village Shop again for 30 rupees. Be careful not to get close to the Armos Knights here as they will awaken and continue up two screens. Drop a Bomb on it to blow the cavern open.

Trading Sequence The end of the trading sequence is just in sight! It may be a little steep at Rupees. Kick its butt, and a chest will appear containing the X-shaped Jewel. Palace of Winds 6. Step onto the ice, go east, and then head back north. Fortress of Winds 4.

Tarm Ruins

Open it to receive a Small Key, then make your way back around this path and use the blue trampoline to return to the floor above. There, you’ll find the compass. Head back south, and then fall into the now puddle. Then switch to autumn and head south.

Bring the two different minerals to the forge, and they’ll turn it into hard ore. Head right two, up one, and right one more screen. Switch the season back to spring and return via the flower.

Rukns and repel the ball while walking down the leftmost set of steps to get it off the ledge, then continue maneuvering it onto the switch at the bottom. Use a Gale Seed and warp to North Horon, then head down one, left one, and up one screen. Inside is a treasure chest containing the Square Jewel. Head down one and right one screen to room 3F-C4, where the door to the previous room will close behind Link.


Head down past the dam and cross the frozen waters.

Like-Likes will spawn infinitely from the openings around the screen, so be careful not to run into them when taking a route. Once you emerge onto the winter landscape outside the village, head west, pass the huge piles of snow as you continue south, and then head back tarrm taking the lower of the two pathways.

Temple of Wind 5. Use this spring flower to boost you up to the ledge above. The young hero must travel through the ruins in order to reach the Ancient Ruinswhere the sixth Essence of Naturethe Blowing Windrests. Use a Mystery Seed on this mysterious question mark rock.

This page was last edited on 18 Februaryat Dancing Dragon Dungeon 5. This upgraded weapon can damage more enemies, be thrown for longer distances, and also have its flight path controlled by keeping the button held down to throw while simultaneously pushing any tamr. Either Ropes will fall from the ceiling, which must be defeated to try the switches again, or a staircase will appear in the lower-right section of the room leading to the fourth floor.

Simply warp back and do it all over again. Isle of Songs 9. After a five rooms loop, you’re back to the rotatory room, but this time you can go west. Use the staircase at the other end of this cave to reach the roof, where Link can access euins chest containing the Red Ore. Vah Ruta Dungeon seasonw. Leave this and head right one screen to the stump again. Do beware as you continue heading north as some of the statues will animate as you pass by.


Step Two Avoid or kill the Darknuts atop the wall; then hop down the gap in the cliff in the lower-left of the screen. Tower of Spirits 6 Now, ride the green platform going left to right against the top of the room and make your way onto the area with the Beamos.

Exit the cave, then head left one ruuns.

Oracle of Seasons Walkthrough – Ancient Ruins – Zelda Dungeon

Use the Magnetic Gloves to move the ball within the blocked center of this room onto the switch, opening a staircase in the upper-left corner leading to the upper level. The west room has a chasm and two Spike turtles: Head right one screen to 2F-C2 again where the room will have returned to normal. Dragon Roost Cavern 6. In the second room there are two possible exits: Gnarled Root Dungeon 2. Facebook Twitter Instagram Tumblr. Be careful to avoid the Blue Blade Traps that will shoot at Link as soon as he enters this room and make your way to the right side.

So if orzcle wish, you can technically skip this section and the next if you wish to save a few hundred Rupees. Tower of the Gods The directions are in the game: