It works for me. Six, if you count Louisiana. At one point he rejoices that he’s been given his life back and all I could think about was how his friend wasn’t given his back. One viewpoint is very new. Maybe you lose a whole chapter. Most of that was well written, though, and did hold my interest.

It is well written and there are some nice turns of phrase. Orphanage, as well as others of Buettner’s novels, has been translated by foreign publishers into Chinese, Czech, French, Japanese, Russian and Spanish, was published in hardcover by the Science Fiction Bookclub, and as an ebook in various formats. From the Place in the Valley Deep in the Forest. Are there any more Jason Wander books in the works, or you planning something else next? Unfortunately, as explained previously, there are many great characters and I would have liked to hear more of their internal dialogue. Not too deep into sci-fi details of how things get done or work. All this before they even face the slugs in battle.

When supernatural evil stalks the noir streets of New York, private detective Jazzy St. And will we pick the brightest and the toughest – or the ones with nothing left to lose. The first chronicle of Jason Wanderer. Lucian Bordei are you a child. Nov 11, Mike the Paladin rated it really roberh it Shelves: I still visit brick-and-mortar stores and autograph their stock.

Six, if you count Louisiana.

Jul 19, Pavel Tsinberg rated it liked it. But I was flattered that he chose to lift more of the writing direct from the book than is usual in an adapted screenplay.

I lack the wit surplus to fire off a dozen clever tweets to my followers. I ordered more, and promptly sold out of those, too. Kovie makes some appalling mistakes on his way to th Jason Wander, eighteen years old, with no particular skills, in trouble with the law, and with his only family killed in robrt alien attacks that are slowly destroying Earth’s ecosystem and killing the human race, somewhat involuntarily enlists in the infantry.


Orphanage (Jason Wander, book 1) by Robert Buettner

The descriptions of military life were fantastic. First there are plenty of positives about the book. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. War Is an Orphanage: Book one in a Military SF series.

They say that a writer has to write a million words to develop the skills to produce salable commercial fiction. Jason is one of 10, soldiers chosen and trained, quickly, and then loaded onto the ship. Non-Americans ascribe to the US military a certain seven-league-boots omniscience and omnipotence. Overkill is military SF flavored space opera.

His mother is killed when the city she lives in, Indianapolis, is demolished by moovie huge projectile sent down by the jovie, as is the case with cities all over Earth.

Not my oorphanage genre, but I finished the book and don’t regret it! I suspect the author traveled forward in time to publish it, and actually wrote it before Starship Troopers. It really brought home the differences between Army and Marine Corps boot camps. Wells dropped the bomb at an accessible level, in The War of The Worlds. His take on sexual equality didn’t do a lot for me either. This page was last edited on 26 Januaryat Orphanage sold as a completed manuscript, and quickly.

Science Fiction Book Club picked it up as a featured alternate selection, and it was translated into Chinese, Czech, Russian, and Spanish.

He lives in Colorado with his wife and too many moviee cars. So, no pressure or anything. Using this website means you are okay with this but you can find out more and learn how to manage your cookie choices here. Now, I could forgive the mistake itself, but he should have robrrt a lot more for it.

Orphanage (Jason Wander, #1) by Robert Buettner

The military science fiction foxhole keeps getting bigger. Beam PiperL. They go to bat for him and save his career even though the reader, or at least I, couldn’t see anything that would have earned their respect and intervention. The slugs make one last push, while the soldiers try and hang on again.


I will pick up the next in the series and see how it goes. Don’t let the 3 star review fool you, I liked this book and will read on into the series. Jun 21, Michael Buettjer rated it liked it.

Robert Buettner

More books by Robert Buettner. Jul 07, John rated it really liked it.

He attempts to wake everyone he can and people start firing, but they lose hundreds of more soldiers that night and morale plummets even further. Really 2 and a half stars. The list of techniques and tropes in the SF genre that Heinlein invented is too long to reproduce here. Robert Moive Behind the Bestseller: One viewpoint is very new. Jason starts off on a self-destructive streak that leads to being expelled from school, through foster homes and finally to an appointment with a no-nonsense judge.

But the news popped out in the Hollywood press robrt October. His own first original short story, Sticks and Stones, appears in the anthology, Armored, edited by John Joseph Adams. What else are you working on? Buettner currently lives in Georgia. Certain parts and descriptions are overly sanitized and others are right on the mark. Characters important to the protagonist should really be shown to be real, even if they later vanish from the story for whatever reason.