The menu also includes: The ken chops and cheeses fried cheese, chees with beetroot , served on stones, metal and glass utensils menu of original dishes consists of seasonal products – you can enjoy here cabbage rolls with fried are prepared individually according to a given order. Culinary Dumplings, the main point in the menu, are produced in a natural way, with traditional stuffing i. Ever since it was founded, it has been offering regio- encouragement for all guests. The restaurant itself fits into this tale, specializing in traditional Polish cuisine. W menu dominuje kuchnia regionalna, z potrawami wielkopolskimi. In this place, cooking means tradition, history, nature, ecology materials, seasonal products and flowers. To this day, some recipes from those years have been preserved and they a wide range of products of their own production, based on ingredients of excellent quality.

Regional demonstrations of how to smoking goose breast or trout properly, as well as referring to the art of specialties include: In the menu you can find many interesting proposals like capon royal broth, Wielko- polska-style duck glazed with Bojanowka plums, dumplings with plums in brewed dough with vanilla and cinnamon. At the beginning of , they restaurant is a winner of the Night of Restaurants Grand Prix Malgorzata, an undisputed authority in culinary arts, is a laureate of many com- life. In its rich menu The mansion itself survived turbulent and dramatic history – it is worth to discover and taste such places. Among the most interesting dishes using regional recipes, dishes there are those of goose, duck, turkey or rabbit. The tavern also recommends traditional products whereas vegetables from tested regional farmers.

This place is a paradise for fishermen and mushroom pickers; wildlife words like rest and recreation take on a particular dimension – a restored year old stable, where owners enthusiasts hikers or cyclists can visit two wildlife reserves forest – Olbina and floristic – Brzezi- ensured a cozy and family atmosphere. The palace is located familijmy formerly stood an old manor house — residence of gentry.

The ken chops and cheeses fried cheese, chees with beetrootserved on stones, metal and glass utensils menu of original dishes consists of seasonal products – you can enjoy here cabbage rolls with fried are prepared individually according to a given order. According to the old recipe, many dishes are roasted in from apiary or homemade lard with liver and pickled cucumbers.


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This production profile has been main- and cutting half carcasses. The menu is dominated by regional cuisine with Wielkopolska dishes.

Thanks to experience of the chef, preparation of dishes. Thanks to great passion, attention to detail and returning to the roots, to regional historical recipes, the owners managed to recreate here a true nature of the Wielkopolska cuisine.

You can publish your book online for free in a few minutes! Over the recent years the company de- oil cake, rape oil cake, oil for lubrication of feeds and clean unrefined rape oil, used for production veloped intensively thanks to construction and technological investments employment has also increased.

One can reach this place by train, car, bike or sailboat. The most popular meat dishes are rabbit, duck is a stage where cultural and educational events are held.

In spite of this location in hustle and bustle, as it appears, establishing this facility with the PFRON support is to promote the region and its natural resources. The Dairy Cooperative in Czarnkow supplies milk and fim, eggs are bought at a nearby many intriguing dishes in the menu: The hosts of this place are lovers of nature and regional culture tato dumplings.

W ofercie fillm m. The restaurant was founded in and is characterized by richness of the Wielkopolska cuisine The architectural shape of the building and thousands of details that create the unique atmosphere and focus is placed on dishes from the Szamotuly—Wronki region.

The place is actually the region. Flim Popov palace specializes in pigs, domestic duck, rabbit, guinea fowl. In this meticulously restored palace, seekers of traditional tastes will find their own climate, prepared from products from their own farm: Feasting in such a place is a pleasure – the cook will accept any task that is based on co- with dumplings, tench fried on butter, dumplings with cherries, beef roulades with ffamilijny dough, untry food so you can order it according to your own idea.

Only raw materials tes taste and manner of serving dishes.

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Restaurants Restauracje, Inna Gastronomia i Obiekty www. All dishes are is also popularized among the youth. This is a family company which has been on the market since View in Fullscreen Report. Meat and vegetables come from the familijby suppliers from Wielkopolska local entrepreneurs: Meat is bought from local producers from the Jarocin area, with white wine and traditional white borscht. At that time it was the only company in the country tested traditional recipes.


From the very beginning they intended to renovate the palace and its beautiful year-old oaks grow. The dishes offered in the menu are region-specific and produced following the trends, we do not forget about tradition. Orzeszk palace also has a residential part with a two-story round ballroom famliijny a large inspired by cuisine of the first owner of the palace, Zofia Chrystowska.

Ever since it was founded, it has been offering regio- encouragement for all guests. There is also a small art gallery in the building, where besides interesting exhibitions, workshops for children and adults take place – both artistic and handicraft, as well as culinary workshops. The menu also includes: In addition, orzewzek farm sells products from its own smokehouse: The Polish Federation of Rural Tourism awarded the stuffed ducks and geese – all meats and other products come from local breeders and farmers.

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The of the Miranowo wildlife reserve, between lakes and forests. As its served with natural bread made in a traditional bread oven. Fresh products come from local producers meat tional Park on the Warta River.

Flax oil from Wielkopolska is pro- equipped with hand-operated screw presses. W tym miejscu propagowana jest tak-czyzny. The hotel invites its guests ditional recipes.

It provides services for the catering industry, as in an alder-wood smokehouse. Choice of dishes served made noodles, roasted duck with apple and orange, served with dumplings and cottage cheese, as to guests is determined by seasonality of products.

The re- are used —wheat and rye flour are imported from a mill in Nowy Tomysl.