Not knowing that Eduardo is dreaming the exact same thing. The brothers meet up in a bar, and Diego’s plan collapses when Eduardo unknowingly introduces Amor to Diego as his girlfriend. My News Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows – Start Now. All of a sudden, Amor gets an attack of claustrophobia. Claudia’s death brings a painful realization to Angelo. Amor tells Diego that she was there, and that she was the one who cooked the specialty dish, but her father had an emergency. Posted May 24, Amor asks him if his older brother has told him anything, and Diego wonders about what, but Amor does not continue.

Her mother explains that the money was sent for her own medical check-up, payment for the rent, and for Claudia’s jewelry and shoes for her date with Eduardo. The Unforgettable Night [ Amor’s stepmother hints to Eduardo that Amor is ready to be a wife. When Amor was not looking, Eduardo turns and saw her by the window. Amor tells Diego that she was there, and that she was the one who cooked the specialty dish, but her father had an emergency. I don’t know if

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Sign In Sign Up. Amor cannot believe Eduardo has said that he’ll marry her, and that Betty Mae forgot to mention Amor’s name when even Diego knows her, too. The Complete List 6. So only private flights.

The next day, Eduardo agrees to marry Claudia. Eduardo apologizes to Amor for the past and reveals he is still in love with her. Claudia puts Amor through the wringer when she asks if Episdoe is in love with Eduardo. Diego teases her that the reason why she still does not have a boyfriend is because she’s a snob.


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Just as Angelo shows signs of giving up, Yna gives him hope of ending up together. She promises that she will raise herself back up with her family. After making the pots, she prepares the ingredients.

It’s the sound a crab makes when it walks. Married at First Sight. Eduardo makes a decision to push through with the marriage with Claudia.

A Star Is Born 7. Claudia tries hard to answer in english which comes out comedicthat sng always choose money because money can buy everything, including love and books. Are you afraid of heights? How you were patient with me, talking about nonsensical things. I want to be a chef. All of a sudden, Amor gets an attack of claustrophobia. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

Diego asks if he’s just doing it to save the company. Amor while taking care of an old woman in Hong Kong learns that there has been a tragedy in Talimpao where her family resides. The times I have no one to turn to, the only person who was there for me is you.

Amor actually has pictures of Eduardo posted on her closet door, which she greets with “Good Morning, Love. Governor Zalameda counters that he needs those episofe, votes. After arriving at the festival, Amor prepares the table for the Mayor and Buenavista family. Their whirlwind romance comes to an end after all challenges and objections from Eduardo’s affluent family. Diego moves next to Amor and tells her he’s still lazy to go to work. Available to Stream Watch on. You are the heavens Posted June 27, Sb she finally admits to herself that she did hope for something.


Eduardo races after the snatcher, but is only stunned with horror when the latter points him a knife, before running away.

Amor explains that her father work as a miner for Buena Mines and that she also has a scholarship through them. Posted June 7, Will Yna let go of the past and finally move on with a new love?

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Go To Topic Listing Others. While Yna and Angelo try to move on after their break up, David and Bea take advantage of their breakup.

You would be a difficult wife. Amor finds out she’s pregnant. Posted May 28, But with what you’re doing, it’s like you’re proving that it’s Eduardo Xayo should choose, and not you! Claudia expects Eduardo to give her a kiss on the cheeks, but Eduardo shakes her hand instead. Amor’s stepmother hints to Eduardo that Amor is ready ppangako be a wife. Posted June 16, Eduardo promises Amor rpisode he will love her not only for the rest of his life, but for the rest of hers as well.

She talks to Eduardo’s pictures like he’s actually there, acting like a lover, and asking for a kiss from her. Amor asks for forgiveness from her father. With the help of Lolo Greg and his family, Gelo recovers from his painful past. I am prettier than that girl.