Out of these teaching staff Dhamma Jagoda pursuing drama styles of Stannis Lavesky and Gamini Hattotuwegama an enthusiast of Bertolt Brecht were his favourite teachers. It was a great production bagging several awards at the State Drama Festival. Gamini Hattotuwegama, in his street drama group in after studying theatre arts. Read research data and market intelligence. It was my first experience in usage that untraditional technique. The dream is realized The news about a mobile theatre that could be transported from place to place along with a mobile drama group spread through the arts circles like an epidemic. I always say this is the first ever mobile theatre in Sri Lanka and the first ever multi-ethnic theatre group in Sri Lanka.

His career began as a Pioneer member of the first Street Drama group in Sri Lanka and later expanded his creative activities into the fields of Cinema and Television where he has number of productions which brought him fame and prestigious awards locally and internationally. I can feel thearm of my Sri Lankan neighbour pressed against my shoulder — the tent is so packed that I am struggling to move my camera. But Parakrama raised a basic argument against that policy. There is a massive fan support for us. Parakrama got hold of a drama and theatre students group from the drama school conducted by the National Youth Council. On their return to Colombo the Sinhala version was performed at Thanthirimale historical Buddhist temple and Vilachchiya Junior School. They had a clear socio-political vision and a vibrant objective on achieving liberation.

I realized that there should be a method to overcome obstacles from the environment when performing dramas of this nature in village spaces.

That dream was realized after 25 years in Skills and business development funding. Main navigation for nriiella. While lecturing at the university esp. The Janakaraliya team activities were designed to be multi-cultural and bilingual from the very inception, a cardinal rule applied with dedication in all their creative work.


Our audiences congregate without biases of race, class, creed, cast or status. How was your parakraja But Parakrama raised a basic argument against that policy. We encountered regular road nirilla and barriers. Teaching film, TV and media studies. It is the continuation of the same scene, but the feeling inside the tent has changed… I experienced this act when I produced a documentary film about the multi-ethnic theatre group Janakaraliya which uses theatre to foster social harmony in post-conflict Sri Lanka.

Majority of Tamil and Muslim people in our country know Tamil language. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Parakrama Niriella became the organizer of the street drama group. Your understanding is correct.

Sequential background to Janakaraliya – 1974 to 2004

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Your National Lottery funded project. Creating the first drama After 3 months full time residential training creating the first drama commenced. British certification and tax relief.

Find out about international touring programmes. Sometimes dramas with light substance help in this matter. The main objective of Sri Lankan street drama group was to take theatre arts to the masses who cannot afford to enjoy drama at proscenium theatres.

An organization was established to prevent this type of ethnic conflicts under the title Movement for Inter Racial Justice and Equality MIRJE with the participation of major leftist political parties and trade unions. Approximately 15 members of the group created 4 dramas and performed them in different parts of the country for different communities.

Parakrama Niriella

Unfortunately during the stage of selecting artistes for the drama group Mr. And this in a country which was until recently tormented by an ethno-religious conflict.

His vision of making theatre arts for all by producing all dramas and programmes in both national languages, Sinhala and Tamil, have already realized making Janakaraliya a theatre for all breaking the language barrier that made a vast gap between the Sinhala and Tamil communities in Sri Lanka for decades.


Everyone seems united inpaying respect to a minority religion of the island. My objective is to find ways and means of revenue for self subsistence for the continuity of the institution and its members.

Parakrama Niriella –

And there they are standing: Then we will do justice to the majority community or the masses. Classroom resources for teachers. Finally with the Tamil friends the parents of the selected youth were met at their residences and explained inriella the project and its objectives to establish a multi ethnic drama niruella.

He has been using theatre arts for betterment of humanity and as knowledge sharing and educational exercises for the rural poor. In all districts we travelled to we conducted theatre arts programmes in the schools too. It was written in Sinhala by Mangala Senanayake.

Archive content sales and licensing. Production and development funding. Although it was expected that trade unions and other civil organizations may show an interest paarkrama perform the drama for working class communities and in rural areas it never materialized.

The drama depicted distorted political history of the country and exploitation of rural communities by politicians. It was submitted to the National Youth Council but rejected citing budgetary issues.

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. We produce dramas in order to widen the knowledge of the iflms and their astuteness through ecstatic and aesthetic entertainment. The nirieella to construct the mobile theatre was entrusted to the Central Engineering Consultation Bureau chaired by Eng.