Ravishekar and Ravitreni discussed to plot a trick on Anjali. Part3 — 5th Nov In pooja function Amrutha found old ‘pathras’ from the well and gave it to a priest. Part3 — 7th Nov Part3 18th Sep Part3 — 08th Jan

Part3 4th Sep E — Part1: Pasupu Kumkuma – Episode – June 25, Part3 12th Jun E — Part1: Pasupu Kumkuma – Episode – May 27, Arjun’s family members reached Sitharampuram to do Ram Navami pooja. Part3 23rd Aug E — Part1:

Part3 — 16th Jan Arjun presented a memorable gift to Anjali.

Part3 15th July E — Part1: Part3 — 18th Oct Raghavan suddenly fell down while shouting for Kumluma and lost his eyesight as he was suffering from cancer.

Part3 13th Jun E — Part1: Part3 — 13th Jan Ravitreni behaved rudely with Amrutha by throwing food item.

Anjali’s family members received Durgamma’s family members grandly to do Simantham function for Anjali. Part3 30th July E — Part1: Pasupu Kumkuma – Episode 62 – November 4, Part3 26th Sep Who gave the poison?


Pasupu Kumkuma – Episode – May 26, Amrutha played dramatical tricks with Arjun to make him accept her love. Part3 23rd Sep kjmkuma Part3 10th Oct Part3 11th Oct Part3 19th Jun E — Part1: Pasupu Kumkuma Episode 23rd April Part3 4th Jun E — Part1: Part3 4th Sep E — Part1: Part3 — 5th Nov E — Click Here — 1st Nov Pasupu Kumkuma – Episode – June 19, Part3 8th May E — Part1: Part3 17th Jun E — Part1: Part3 01st Oct Part3 — 21st Jan Part3 14th Aug E — Part1: Part3 13th May Pasupu Kumkuma – Episodes Subtitles Audio Languages Available On.

Part3 27th Jun E — Part1: Part3 — 16th Dec Part3 5th July E — Part1: