See Grand Theft Auto V. Discontinued due to copyright strikes [54]. Through Vechs, Pause became friends with Cleophas , joehillssays and Zisteau. Series ended due to oversaturation. A Machine for Pigs. In June , Pause invited Millbee to join, [65] having been friends since meeting in December

Lords of Minecraft King skin [73]. See Shoot Many Robots. Mark of the Ninja. Formal suit, originally worn for the Etho v. Grass camouflage worn during UHC 5 , 6 , 7 , and 9. Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba , Pause moved regularly during his childhood due to his father’s work. Their wedding was planned for 6 April , [] but was postponed when Pause’s brother could not attend.

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In JunePause invited Millbee to join, [65] having been friends since meeting in December Featuring CoestarGuude and Millbee. Loser of the selected game is punished. Series ended due to oversaturation. Born in Winnipeg, ManitobaPause moved regularly during his childhood pauseunpakse to his father’s work.

A Tale of Two Sons”. Retrieved from ” http: A Machine For Pigs”.


See Shoot Many Robots. Featuring VintageBeef and W92Baj. He specifies these conditions for submitting questions:. Santa skin worn for Christmas [] and [].

Please use the talk page for contact. Pause has criticized Resident Evil 6cutting the game disc in half with resentment towards Capcom.

The Viking and Indian Wasteland E16 The Darkness Is Coming!

Pause has stated he is heterosexual[] but has otherwise shown to be flexible with his sexuality, developing “bromances” with Millbee [] and VintageBeef[] and kissing OldManWillakers at PlayOnCon The first is via a dedicated e-mail address, which is AskPauseUnpause gmail. Pause is pauseunpausse big fan of the zombie apocalypse genre and The Walking Dead franchise.

The second is via his PO boxwhich includes sending gift items or items of unique interest. Pause’s favorite beer is Rolling Rock. Discontinued due to copyright strikes [54].

Based on the unsolved Dyatlov Pass incident in See Lords of Minecraft.

Pause says he could easily eat only Kraft Dinner for the rest of his life. Pause Alex Poose James Blunt [3] [4].


See The Chamber of the Creators. Featuring Avidyagenerikb and Guude.

Pause has a reoccurring nightmare of his teeth breaking and his jaw locking up. Featuring Guude and, for the final two episodes, Millbee. Dark Dreams Don’t Die. This page has been accessedtimes. Dark Dreams Don’t Die”. Pause and Andrea have had numerous pets named in reference to The Legend of Zelda characters of the same names. A Tale of Two Sons. Pause’s favorite movie of all time is Garden State.

This page was last modified on 3 Decemberat Views Pauseunpaue Edit View history. Featuring Team Nancy Drew. Janitor skin from cleaning up generikb ‘s slime prank [].