Clara did not like the idea having her grandmother – Lupe around their house because for Clara, Lupe is a disturbance to her. Hence, if only Amante is not having relationsip with Cristina, this awful thing they have experienced right now would not have happened. Clara’s defeat believing that Mara stole everything from her made everybody in Mara’s party pity on her. Mara also wanted to see her foster mother – Susan David Mylene Dizon. Amante wants to stop Alvira but he knows that Alvira is not going to listen to him and rather choose being with Gary. With Cristina that is still hiding from the public, she wondered why Gary David Jhong Hilario can easily go out and she can not. Now that Gary’s plan to ruin Amante’s life is successfuly done, his next step is to let Alvira love him.

While Carlo David tell’s Clara that instead of making Mara’s life miserable, she should have thank Mara for what she has right now. Alvira is curious on what Gary is talking about and Mamang called her informing about what happened to Amante. Clara then walked out and went outside to release her anger. Desiree then tells Clara that it will be better if she is going to see for herself that Mara and Christian are together already. If the exchange will be successful, how will it affect everybody? Knowing that Alvira hates Clara now, Clara wanted to talk to her.

Beauty and Dekil TVM: Clara then asked Gary if he knew where her grandmother – Ssehangat is already. Gary is so mad since he did not see both Alvira and Amante there and he blames his daughter – Clara David Julia Montes.

And as for Mara, when they met at school with Clara, she told her that once she is going to hurt her again then she will fight back.

But Clara refused for Gary has given her the money that she is expecting to have.

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Christian is happy to know that Mara is greatful to what he have done towards her. Amante must protect alvira from Gary because he knows what are the things vajigur Gary can do toward his wife – Alvira. Mara thanked Clara for helping them in capturing Gary and Clara tells Mara that she doesn’t need Mara’s sympathy. Gary knew about this and was so mad at Lupe and Mara who put her real daughter in danger.

Will everybody give up their loved ones and start fvt new fresh life?

So now that Mara is so thankful bajigu Christian saved her life, will Mara get her chance to see her family and be with them again? Gary’s shoes was left at Cristina’s house and this is an evidence to who is the man behind helping Cristina. On the other hand, being so pissed with what Mayor Nathaniel did to him, Gary David Jhong Hilario asked some of his men to go to Isla Verde and get rid of the mayor.


With this, Lupe asks Clara why she is disturbed and is acting strange. Clara then tells Susan that she don’t have anything that can solve Mara’s case and she is not ready to go home yet. With this incident, how will sejangat Del Valle family try to save both Mara and Clara from Gary and the kidnappers? Susan David Mylene Dizon can not stop herself from being worried about Mara and she also don’t want to lose Clara. Susan David Mylene Dizon is now trying to move on with her life as she wanted her daughter – Mara whom she believed is dead already not to worry.

To let Mara go down, Clara had another chance of wrecking her life with her parents and even at school.

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How will Mara and Christian escape from the room that is being locked by Clara? Gary then tells the police officers that he was not there at the Del Valle’s house checking on Alvira because he was with his ccintaku – Clara.

Genk Super Hero Bioskop Indonesia: Gary David Jhong Hilario stabbed Cristina because he don’t want her to speak about their deal.

Amante’s attorney tfv presented a video during the day when Cristina Borres Desiree Del Valle was killed. Nenita must not hurt Clara as she is Gary’s daughter. Filmler antonio adamo aktris. With this, Alvira asked Clara why she opposed on making her father as their driver.

Amante was alarmed and hurriedly called some of the guards in their village to ask for their help.

Mayo erkek porno videolar. Clara then challenged Gary to see for himself that they are all there and Alvira is just pretending. On the other hand, Clara David Julia Montes tells cnitaku father – Gary that everybody is speculating on her already.

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After defending herself to Clara, Alvira saw Mara as she hurt her daughter but that was a defensive act from Mara after Clara burned her back with a flat iron.

Gary did not want to rush Mara to the hospital since it will only put him to jail. Mara knew that Clara called her father – Gary to inform him about them being there in Isla Verde. And Mara, having an unloving father and grandmother, becomes a down-to-earth, intelligent girl that works hard to pay for her private school.


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En zor seks resimleri. With Clara’s envy to Mara as she will do everything just to destroy her, cntaku lot of good people are still willing to help her. When Clara went back home, her father – Gary is there and wondered to where she went.

Bunga untuk Andre FTV: Clara will not allow her father cintau Gary to hurt or even put in danger the man she frv ever since – Christian. Mara Del Valle Kathryn Bernardo then finally escaped from the kidnappers. Alvira did not like the idea but as a respect, Mara and Susan went with them. Gary is pissed with Clara’s news knowing that he is not going to have another chance seeing Alvira Del Valle Dimples Romana anymore. So Gary called his daughter – Clara David Julia Montes to ask for her help and let him out of prison.

Going back with Gary who is imprisoned, bajjigur don’t want Alvira and Amante to be successful. Mara tried calling her father – Amante telling him that she is now with her mother – Alvira and they are currently in Rizal. Alvira feared that Gary is going to do something stupid again so that he can just get near to Alvira.

Alvira made a pemani for her new business with the Robles family and invited them for dinner. Mara have told Clara on how desperate she is just to get Alvira’s attention.

Alvira is curious on what Gary is talking about and Mamang called her informing about what happened to Amante. So Clara went to where Desiree is telling her banigur she got so mad at Desiree for telling her this.

Amante and Mamang is very happy that finally Mara is with them safe and protected by them. But Alvira didn’t believe Clara for she knew what is the truth behind Mara and Christians abjigur. When Gary and Clara were still talking, some of the police officers hurriedly went inside and Gary is making Clara as his own hostage. Bedava porno dasha sogalova.