Promotional poster for Rooftop Prince. I saw my watch, it showed When the rain fall down accompanied by thunder, lighting and the high wind, there was the real dangerous storm happened. They appear on the rooftop home of Park-Ha , a hard working young woman living in modern day Seoul, who also resembles his sister-in law Bu Yong from the Joseon era. Then, I looked my phone, there was no signal. To complicate matters Lee Gak starts developing feelings for Park-Ha and soon breaks up his engagement with Se-na. Lee Gak, the Crown Prince of Joseon era is transported years into the future to the present day of Seoul alMong with his three retainers, they are on a mission to solve the murder case of the Crown Princess. It took me months to move on from their story.

Lee Gak encounters Se-Na, who is the spitting image of his dead wife and tries to get her attention. He is convinced she is his wife’s reincarnation. Such as kneeling over the money with their king face on it, taking off their shoes when riding a bus, changing clothes in the elevator, their obsession over omu-rice, etc. All of passenger yelled shout the name of God and pray. Learn British English New material at http: Then, I looked my phone, there was no signal. This couple really suit each other because both are evil and have no conscience whatsoever. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Joseon F4 consists of Lee Gak and his other three retainers.

Lee Gak swears vengeance after discovering Tae-Mu’s treachery. Fans from 35 different countries have visited the filming set. But Park Ha throws herself in front of his car and is seriously injured. I hold my princf hands tightly. Lee Min Ho as Song Man-bo. I quickly realize, there was no signal because we were in the middle of the sea.


All of passenger yelled shout the name of God and pray. Secret Garden and Rooftop Prince are the latest ones, yeah-yeah I know you all will say that where have I been?

I really afraid if there was something bad happen. To complicate matters Lee Gak starts developing feelings for Park-Ha and soon breaks up his engagement with Se-na. Take Care of Us, Captain.

It took me months to move on from their story. In the other hand, Hong Sena is a bitch, she is smarter but she is super mean and annoying. Many passangers their luggages that put beside them. Tae-Mu kidnaps Park-Ha and threatens to kill her. Now in the present day, Lee Gak reincarnated as Yong Tae Young who fell in love with Park Ha, but again they were not able to meet properly.

Lee Gak, the crown prince of Joseon dynasty is investigating the death of the crown princess, Hwa Yong when he and his entourage Song Man-bo, Woo Yong-soo, and Do Chi-san are mysteriously teleported years into the future.

Rooftop Prince Promotional poster for Rooftop Prince. One day, Crown Prince Lee Gak sees Se-na who is the spitting image of his beloved wife, who was found drowned in the 18th century.

But before long, her feelings for Lee Gak blossom and she is hurt when she finds out that Lee Gak, who still holds very tender memories of his dead wife, is courting Se-na. Ch and my pemefan did the same way.

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They are the funniest thing ever in this drama and I always enjoy their presence. Draa, unfortunately some of our luggages fall by the high wind of the storm.

Lee Gak and his wife, Hwa Yong in Joseon. Prior to the script readingthe main actors were required to undertake a camera test dressed in traditional costumes.


prjnce Tae-mu finds out that the real Tae-Yong is alive but in a coma, at a hospital, in Chicago. Lee Gak also believes that marrying Se-na in Seoul in the year would bring him closer to solving the mystery of the Crown Princess’ murder in the Joseon era. Also, better late than never right?

The driver tried to turn on the machine. Tae-mu, believing that he already killed his cousin in New York, lives in constant fear of his devious act being discovered by the family and “Tae-yong” aka Lee Gak who claims not to have remembered the event. However before disappearing Lee Gak and Park-Ha swear their eternal love for each other and get married in a private rooftop ceremony. Park-Ha learns the truth about their biological mother and is hurt by Se-Na’s betrayal.

“Rooftop Prince” Drama Review

Fera Asmarita December 15,was the day that I will never forget. About Me Angeline Cai.

The driver of speedboat turn off the speedboat machine, he rooftop if the machine broken because of the big wave that attacked our speedboat. April Short Story: This site uses cookies.

Tae-Mu tries to flee the country on a cargo ship but is captured by the police after a final confrontation with Lee Gak. On the other hand, Park-ha is shocked by the news that her new friend who calls himself the Crown Prince is, in fact, the grandson of the CEO. Keisha on kerajinan-kerajinan dari Negar….