Gasht-e ershad -Gasht-e ershad 2 this are realy good just try it! God willing, during the trip, we will use your grace’s presence. Satirical commentary on clergymen in post-revolutionary Iran. A newly released prisoner and an ostensibly rich youth become aware of the place of the Russian Tsar’s long lost treasure by a twist of fate. Excuse me can you tell me where the border and customhouse is? Maryam Negar Javaherian and Reza Shahab Hosseini are different from other people, it’s not just a simple difference, but a very big difference. This means there are as many paths leading to God as there are people.

When one of his fellow prisoners finds out his plan, a scuffle erupts in which Reza is injured from the broken glass of the bottle. God is the heaviest dude in gentleness, the heaviest dude in kindness. A train full of people and less than 20 people come for prayers! Forgive us, Hajji, the windows are rusty and they get stuck sometimes. As a result he is sent to a hospital to recover where he meets a mullah, also named Reza. I don’t aim to preach because it’s useless and no one can be forced into Let them stay here! Society does not understand them and the

Excuse my language, but do you Mullahs have to preach all the time? Hey bro, don’t take it too far when we smile at you for five minutes.

Forgive us, Hajji, the windows are rusty and they get stuck sometimes. You are under arrest for smuggling and purchasing stolen goods. No Men Allowed He asks so many questions prsian it has become a pain in the This is better recommendation than the ones in past few weeks.

The Glass Agency is the story of a war veteran living in post war Iran. This film was released 2 months after production was complete.


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New models of development where the state invites private investors to acquire land create new challenges. God is easy going and the heaviest dude in forgiving ,The heaviest dude in friendship. Views Read Edit View history.

Listen, Hajji, I have a bad temper and if anyone disagrees with me, I will get upset. When the Ayatollah Khomeini came on the stage of Iranian history, he decided that a monarchy was not needed and that the clergy itself should rule the country.

Despite the limited release it was a big hit among the Iranian public, who had to console themselves by watching pirated and bootlegged copies of the film after it was declared cinema non grata. I mean it, makes no difference, I’d be more comfortable that way. This page was last edited on 6 Julyat I didn’t understand what she was saying she just kept crying all the time.

I don’t aim to petsian because it’s useless and no one can be forced into No, Hajji, the three years I lived with him was enough for a lifetime. When a politically exiled man Ansari meets strange rural people with weird actions and accents in a village called Barareh.

As you see, this is the roofed summer time altar, the main section is on the other side. Some of them believe that we Muslims should never go to the North Pole. Will Reza’s prison break transform him into an unlikely pillar of the community? Despite the repressive and censored hand jovie the state, its movie industry continues to make films that are well received around the world.

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Articles containing Persian-language text Webarchive template wayback links. Was this review helpful to you? Now that Hajji has come here, God willing, our mosque will prosper like old times again.


Reza Marmoulak Bahram Ebrahimi In my opinion that’s okay too that’s another way that leads to God. Don’t ever try to nit a man of the cloth specially if he is from downtown Persiann Prime Minister Khan responds to Modi.

It depicts veterans who are suffering from social problems after the war. These actions continue to draw the praise of the villagers, convincing those who have abandoned faith movke their religion to come to the mosque once again to hear the sermons of Reza Marmoulak, most of which are derived from his brief contact perian the cleric in the prison’s hospital.

No, you are going to the solitary to quit the bad habit of climbing. Stop whispering, you have already asked all your questions, son.

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Of course provided that you don’t bother the neighbors, in my opinion that’s alright too. Edit Storyline Satirical commentary on clergymen in post-revolutionary Iran.

Mahmoud was waitin’ for you at the train station, but you didn’t show up. Qureshi, Sushma may come face to face in Abu Dhabi. We have put surveillance on everyone who has been in contact with him. Please continue, I’m sure you’ll find them if you keep thinking.