History records little about Ikaria between ancient times, when it was an ally of Athens, and the Byzantine period, when it was a safe haven for pirates and a place of exile. Going and returning by bus in the same day is only possible to four destinations, by no means the most interesting ones either. As with most Greek port towns, the action is centred on the waterfront; however, Mytilini boasts bigger attractions than the average island capital. Semitropical Samos and pine-scented Thasos boast great beaches, while the almost unvisited Inousses, Fourni and Psara offer total serenity. Rahidi, which got electricity only in , has several charming old houses and a kafeneio in summer. Pythagoras, that great Samian mathematician and, presumably, drinker came up with an ingenious invention that ensured party hosts and publicans could not be taken advantage of by guests aspiring to inebriation.

The main shopping street, Ermou, links this southern harbour with the ancient, but now disused, northern port. The worship of the Kabeiroi gods here actually predates that of Samothraki see p , more famous for this mystery cult. If you fall in love with the place and want to be there at its quietest times, a few tavernas nearby rent rooms. N o r t h e r n Le s v o s Book accommodation online at lonelyplanet. The eastern stretch of the latter, Niseli Beach, is secluded under a bluff and separated by a headland from the main beach. Western Ikaria panigyria take place on the following dates: Follow Maroulas the continuation of KydaKaratza and then Ethnikis Andistasis; the hotel is located above the quite fine restaurant of the same name.

The boat calls in at the village of Manganitis; nearby is a gorgeous, secluded stretch of white pebbles and crystal-clear waters — the appropriately petrinp Seychelles Beach tucked within a protected cove and flanked by a cave.

Those seeking superlative beaches can take an excursion boat at Park without blocking the gate and go down the grassy path through the bamboo about m to find your own private beach heaven.

It also has a shop and internet access, and a pebble beach just below. His unique signature involved Greek characters, and he called himself Columbus de Terra Rubra Columbus of the Red Earth — a reference, supporters believe, to the unique reddish soil of southern Chios.


Here choose between turning south on the central poami through the mountains, or continuing along the coast. Walk along Nikolaou Garoufallidou from Kyda-Karatza and the sign is m along on the right.

As with most Greek port towns, the action is centred on the waterfront; however, Mytilini boasts bigger attractions than the average island capital. The southwest coast of Samos held out against mass tourism for longer than the north, but the best potamk are starting to attract the inevitable resorts; tourism is still quite low-key, however, and you can find many secluded wild spots.

Behind it, ptrino, is a quieter, intriguing old quarter, ;otami some lingering traditional Turkish houses stand around a Genoese castle and city walls. It has an ornate outer patio, huge, glittering chandeliers and very fine frescoes. This cemetery, with its metal plaque that gives a short history of the Gallipoli campaign, and a second Commonwealth cemetery, Portianos War Cemetery 6km south of Livadohori on the peetrino to Thanos beach and Myrinaare the sombre attractions here.

Fossils dating back 5. Its collection of sculptures dates from the 14th- to 15th-century Genoese occupation. Beach-side tavernas prepare fresh fish on the grill and in huge skillets, and there are many domatia around.

From May to October daily ferries to? Petra, 5km south of Mithymna Molyvoshas become a popular, though low-key, resort.

Continuing west past the beaches brings you into increasingly leafy country, and a left-hand turn-off leads, after 5km, to the lovely mountain village of Vourliotes. It offers some of the czst — though still largely unexplored — hiking opportunities in Greece, with valleys filled with massive gnarled oak and plane trees, and forests redolent of olive and pine. The fairly extensive Kambos is petrinl toured by bicycle, moped or car.

History Chios is one of the big ones, not only in size, but also in historical and economic importance. Some of the Loutra buses continue to the two camping grounds.


Easygoing Mytilini, the port of Lesvos, is kept lively year-round thanks to its capital status and irrepressible student population. Immediately south of Chios Town is the Kambos, a lush area with citrus trees, where wealthy Genoese and Greek merchant families from the 14th century onwards kept summer homes. It also boasts, in the upper part of town, an old church much grander and more ornate than Paleohori would seem to need.


There is something deeply disconcerting about the headless statues of a family, the Geneleos Group, from whose number the giant kouros statue in the museum at Vathy Samos was taken for more details, see p Guided tours are held every 30 minutes, the last at 7.

Petrino potami

Water taxis are cas for nondrivers, or anyone up for a good boat ride. The museum honours the Lesvos-born artist and critic Stratis Eleftheriadis, who Gallicised his name to Teriade in Paris. A post office and National Bank of Greece stand side by side, around the corner from the Nautical Museum. While vast few tavernas hug the beach, it remains blissfully quiet compared to the major northwest-coast beaches.

Other remains on the site include a stoa, more temples and a 5th-century Christian basilica.

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The menu is not particularly inventive, however. Petgino staff is very professional and helpful, and can pick you up from the ferry or airport. Since package tourism is minimal, visitors are treated with friendly curiosity in the villages. Try the simple yet exquisite tomato and mozzarella salad and tagliatelle amatriciana or tagliatelle alfredo with salmon.

There is a flower garden outside and the staff is helpful. Why, then, did Columbus not come out of the Genoese closet? Rooms fit up to four people and feature handsome combinations of wood and marble, all with new fixtures and good sea views.

The beach, which has an impressive location at the mouth of a forested river and behind the remnants of an ancient Temple of Artemis, is nudist friendly. P y t h a g o r i o Book accommodation online at lonelyplanet.

The ambience is enhanced by the sound of lapping waves. Rooms have spacious decks with good views; the onsite restaurant is built into a windmill. Appropriately enough, the stark natural beauty that inspired all these artists and thinkers itself derived from a great event: