Hands crash through the glass of his bedroom mirror, pulling Mike into a dark void. After all, if you’re going to create the image of a bad-to-the-bone car, you might as well go all the way! In , he began filming on what was to become his first major success in the movie business. For many years, there has been a school of thought that maybe James LeGros didn’t like his involvement with Phantasm II. After production wrapped on the original Phantasm , its HOpe the search is goin well! For other uses, see Phantasm.

Don recalls that its electrical system was just about shot, and was a major source of headaches for the crew. A buddy of mine has one of the prop 71 Cudas from this movie. He also seems to telekinetically knock Mike off his motorbike as he flees the cemetery. Later, Tommy’s friends, including year-old musician Jody Pearson and family man Reggie, attend Tommy’s funeral at Morningside, believing he committed suicide. Since times had changed since , it was decided to leave the ‘Cuda clones fairly stock in appearance rather than flair the wheelwells and install sunroofs. The brothers devise a plan to lure the Tall Man into a local deserted mine shaft and trap him inside. It was supervised by Coscarelli at Bad Robot Productions.

He runs screaming from the bushes, interrupting Jody mid-coitus. Mike tries to get Sally and her friend to leave the movir quickly, but all three are attacked by a mob of hooded dwarves.

Retrieved July 5, Hey just saw this today.

Phatt weight puantasm August 5, at 8: The trio is suddenly split up by a power outage. Newer Post Older Post Home. Many scenes in the movie were influenced by things from Don’s youth No, he didn’t have silver flying spheres buzzing about in his room as a child, heaven knows where that came from.


The sequel has our two heroes, Mike and Reggie, running around the countryside trying to stop the Tall Man’s reign of terror. For phanfasm pornographic film, see Fantasm. Mike assumes they and Reggie are all dead. Retrieved August 9, We discussed its original color hmu tccruz gmail. Mike finds a handprint melted into a block of ice with the same yellow blood that came out of the Tall Man. A buddy of mine has one of the prop 71 Cudas from this movie.

Jim suggested using cheaper Barracudas and modifying them to appear as ‘Cudas. The name of Star Wars: He kidnaps Mike in a hearse, but Mike thwarts him by shooting out the back window and a rear tire, causing the hearse to strike a pole and explode.

The Tall Man Reggie. Muir stated that the film has become a classic, and the Tall Man is a horror film icon. The ‘Cuda made a lasting impression on Don Coscarelli, and when it came time to decide what barraucda to use for his movie, he knew what it had to be. It’s had been around the block more than a few times, and despite the sterling performances it delivered in the movie, in reality the damn thing ran terrible!

Coscarelli attributed the freedom to choose from among these endings to his independent financing. Mike relays this story to a fortune teller Mary Ellen Shaw and her granddaughter Terrie Kalbusas well as his fears about the possibility of Jody departing and leaving him in the care of his aunt.

Yes, a Rallye without the fender louvers from the factory because of the body side pnantasm option. I’m going to get pics tomarrow. Remastered adds visual barrqcuda to the first installment in one of horror’s most enduring — and endearingly idiosyncratic — franchises.

I am building a Barracuda in Destroyer Grey. Ghoulish Friends Phantasm Cudas!


phantasm movie cuda’s

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Retrieved August 10, Retrieved from ” https: Mike takes one of the Tall Man’s still-moving fingers and escapes the mausoleum, narrowly avoiding capture by the hooded figures. Indie Production, the Majors, and Friday the 13th “. He also seems to telekinetically knock Mike off his motorbike as he flees the cemetery.

But alas, in the end, the Tall Man gets the best of the noble machine, and it exits the movie upside down in a ball of flames. It was a relatively non-traditional horror movie which he had written himself whilst living in a secluded cabin in the mountains.

Lord of the Dead Phantasm IV: Then, she seems to barrcuda produce a small black box and instructs Mike to put his hand into it. Retrieved March 5, You guessed it – horror films. Accentuating the mirror finish black were subtle blue and gray pinstripes.

The synthesizers were so primitive that it was difficult to repeat sounds. Never fear Mopar fans! Phantasm 20th Anniversary Posters on Sale.

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Don plans to convert to Hemi power in the near future. It was followed by four sequels: Here are some other details: Years go by, and in the late ‘s, Don decided to film a sequel to the original Phanrasm, which, by then, had become a major cult film.

The film was called “Phantasm”.