Meanwhile, Rocky enters the old Haveli and gets curious about the book on Naagmani. Yamini, Rani Avantika, Sesha and the others are drinking champagne and rejoicing on Shivanya and Shivangi’s death. Shivangi decides to confront Rocky about the same on her own and approaches him in a hesitant manner. On the other hand, Yamini is following Shivanya with a knife in her hand in order to stab her to death. The future is identified as Yamini thinks that Sesha will get mad in a rage now as Yamini failed to look at the face of Rudra’s partner. Yamini tells Avantika that Kapalika really has died, adding

She takes out Rudra from that horn and faints. Shivangi is lying next to Rocky and then a gush of wind shuts the window. On the other hand, Vikram is back and he is planning to expose Shivangi in front of Rocky. Kapalika tries to shush her, but Yamini only chides her even more. Shivangi gets a hint and Yamini takes a drink as she has stolen a diamond, even Shivangi takes a sip from her drink. On the other hand, Rocky seems to have found out about Shivangi’s true identity. Prairie Flower 15 episodes, Shane Graham

The bull, while playing, gives a hint that he has never stolen a diamond or something like a Mani in life.

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Share this Rating Title: Yamini and Shesha are planning how to take the nagmani back from Shivanya and how to use Shivanya herself to do so. However, Yamini is worried as to how would they reach the Naagmani now. Meanwhile, Yamini puts up an act and lies on the bed, with the On the other hand, the shesh naag is in Shivangi’s form and Shivangi watches from the terrace as Rocky looks at the fake Shivangi with love.

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Shivangi loses her conscious and falls down after killing the wolf. Later, Shivanya goes to the Shiv temple and prays to Lord Shiva for her daughter’s life. Shivangi takes an oath that she will fulfill Rudra’s last wish as However, after staying for a few moments in front of Ritik’s picture, vitsub killer goes phhim the maze. Young Eli McCullough 17 episodes, Maheshmati says that she will do Sesha’s Kanyadaan and Yamini is impressed While trying to escape from them, Shivanya falls down and experiences labor pain.


However, it is revealed that the person they all are thinking to be Shivangi is actually Shivanya and in a flashback it is On the other hand, Sesha gets captured in the trap set by Rudra and he is very happy. Later, Sesha and Rudra join hands in achieving their own objectives. Ritik manages to take her to the hospital and the doctor is shocked to know that Phimm is experiences labor pain in just the third month of her pregnancy.

Yamini is alive and tells Uttara that she is doing a great deed by bringing up an orphan and then reminds Uttara of how they killed Rocky’s parents and adopted him. Sesha is on a revenge taking spree and she captures Shivangi and brings her to a cliff.

Shivangi is now a step closer to fulfilling her promise and says that only three of her mother’s murderers are left to kill now.

Rocky tells Shivangi that they will have to divert Rudra to some other place before reaching that Mansion as he mistakes the snake following them to be Rudra. Maheesh’s head and his hand are lying away from his body after being decapitated.

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Start your free trial. Rudra says that they have to bring the Naagmani back again. On the other hand, mondya is the night when whatever a Naagin wishes for is fulfilled. Yamini says that she is going to bed, but just then the bull comes in with drinks for everyone, stating that they should put some life in the party. Rocky and Shivangi take her to a hospital as an act of humanity and then they continue vietsuv their journey.


Frequently Asked Questions Q: Meanwhile, Shivangi asks Rocky permission to go and meet her friend, who has come to sfason for her marriage. Now, Shivangi is worried about Rocky as he is not able to face the fact that his Badi Maa, Yamini, is no more. However, it is a trap laid by Kapalika and the killer and she manages to capture both Rudra and Shivangi in their Sesha is chasing Rocky and Shivangi as they are heading towards their ancestral Mansion.

Later, Shivangi comes to Ritik weason nervous and waits as the doctors take Later, her guru also chides her for this and a storm starts in the area.

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Monay is not happy that Rocky has not taken Shivangi out after their marriage and it has been a month now. Toshaway 13 episodes, Kapalika tries viietsub shush her, but Yamini only chides her even more. Shivangi gets a hint and Yamini takes a drink as she has stolen a diamond, even Shivangi takes a sip from her drink. Meanwhile, Maheshmiti is outside Sesha’s room, and Sesha is mad with anger and breaking things inside.

On their way, they are about to meet with an accident by an uncontrolled truck, but they are somehow saved. Shivangi then goes on to tell Rudra that she loves Rocky a lot and had to save him under all circumstances. Just then Sesha reaches him blody Shivangi’s form and he promises to keep her safe, unaware that it is actually Sesha.

On the other hand, Rocky is waiting for Shivangi to get ready and is waiting for her outside the room.