I feel comfortable recommending that he go in this direction. Can’t decide on the perfect gift? See 1 more picture. Very nice maple front with a black handle and maple sleeve. You’re like a little pool baby. Outstanding grip and excellent feel. Now absolutely affordable with the HXT-tops of player.

Find what you want! Originally Posted by jsp Up until last week I’ve never played with a low deflection shaft. To play Pool, is to suffer. Find all posts by breakandrunrob. Dhurka, Dhurka, Allah, Muhammad Jihad. Though, I don’t think I’m a fan of the soft hit, but I think the Kamui soft tip has much to do with it. All cues of player come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects on non-wearable parts, including warranty against warping of the upper part!

A friend of mine bought this model http: Provided with a grip strip of double-pressed Irish linen in black and the new HXT-low Deflection shaft.

Last edited by pogmothoin; at I think the middle ground of the pure X htx shaft is perfect, cause you get the best if both worlds. Anyone with experience playing with them? The difference between the ob and the jacoby was very minimal.

Though, I don’t think I’m a fan of the soft hit, but I think the Kamui technoloogy tip has much to do with it. Pplayers, you could make me swap to a random shaft between the three from shot to shot and it wouldn’t bother me in the least.

I do have many other plain maple shafts that are a ton more lively than the Oool. See 1 more picture. Originally Posted by naji. Find all posts by crazysnake. Find all posts by Agent But for now, I’ll ride out the HXT and continue enjoying the improvement in my game. The HXT is a very good shaft for the money.


Can’t decide on the perfect gift? I like the feel of the wrapless MUCH more. Find all posts by bigshooter. There is not really any big advantage to using a very low deflection shaft. Thanks for the opinion, but it’s a 4 year old post, and the wall of text writing makes it a bit hard technilogy read.

So here’s the point of my question.

Originally Posted by naji HXT squirt much more, do not buy it. Originally Posted by hang-the-9 You’re first cue was two years ago? I will hopefully be able to give them an honest taste test. Before our pool hall closed, we used to have a 9 Ball Sat tourney, well, every Sat. They are not twice as good.

Purex HXTE10 Exotic Curly Maple and Rengas with Black Points Technology Pool Cue – B00HPMD4I6

Originally Posted by Blue Hog ridr. The only reason I replaced it with an OB is that I discovered that I hechnology a wrapless cue I was new to pool at the time and thought “with wrap must be better than without, right? All shafts have deflection when using side English.

I am thinking the guy is already used to the shaft by now hehe Quote:.

Pure X by Players HXTE2 Blackpalm & Blue Pool/Billiard Cue Stick – Y2PLAY Stores

Players JB Players cues have a lifetime warranty against all manufacturing defects including warpage. I just might give it a try. Until now rendering this technology only at twice the price of other brands. Mark Forums Read Blogs. To play Pool, is to suffer. Find all posts by bdorman. Find all posts by jsp. A few months ago I bought my son a low end McDermott cue He’s in the military and living in the barracks so no expensive stuff right now that came with a warped butt or bad pin so I’m a little leery on recommending the low end McDermotts.


I haven’t got the cue back yet but am excited about trying the shafts on the cue. And they DO play good to boot! That makes it hard to judge the feel-difference of the shafts. Players JB-5 Midnight black jump break cue with double quick-release joints, solid black double-pressed Irish linen wrap. From the land of Sasquatch. Any time you switch shafts, you need to re-learn how to aim again because the difference in deflection means you have to aim different when applying any side English to the cue ball, than you did with your old shaft.

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Players Tecgnology Players cues have a lifetime warranty against all manufacturing defects including warpage. Thanks for all the input. I loaned him one of my cues when he started so he didn’t have to buy a cue before he was sure he was going to continue past the first session.

Any shaft you are use to will play well for you. And I was unable to make a lot of the hard English shots reliably with these new shafts that I was easily able to with my old wd shaft. I’ve had two friends try the cue, one has a Mike Webb another a 90s McDermott, Mike Dechaine also played a bit with the cue, they all liked it. Kamui Black Layered Tip Ferrule: Thanks for all the replies.