On the one hand, they were clearly no longer African: Eulalie is reconsidering her original desire to delay starting a family. In the play, there is a sense in which we glean a different view about an African in Diaspora or an African-American. Eulalie then wanders onstage, and Esi Kom accepts her into the house. The entire cast gave a superb performance to the production, bringing an authenticity that I have rarely seen onstage in recent times. At a crucial moment at the end of the play, to name one example, he slaps Eulalie and says that she knows nothing about Africa.

But instead of offering solace, Esi Kom castigates him. The Akan have a variety of forms of cultural expression. It is acted beautifully and simply. They sing the song that gives the play its title, the song of a ghost at a crossroads, who cannot decide whether he should go to Cape Coast or to Elmina. With this point, Aidoo seems to aver that even marriage is not capable of proffering a satisfactory answer to the question of clash of culture. Hunting and fishing, two of the most important sources of food and money for the coast-dwelling Fante, are male domains.

We – the summaryy, sat around the stage, eavesdropping on maids mocking Ato and his wife or being directly talked to by Ato’s grandmother lamenting about his ungratefulness. The song awakens Ato from an afternoon nap; he is upset because it gave him a bad dream.

Eulalie isn’t eager to bear children yet, though it is expected of her and Ato that they will begin a family as soon as possible.

His uncles enter and announce that they want to perform an Akan ritual to help Eulalie conceive. His tone is often condescending when speaking to his wife and to his family, for example: Your machines, my stranger-girl, Cannot go on an errand They have no hands to dress you when you are dead… But you have one machine to buy now That which will weep for you, stranger-girl You need that most. The authority in a clan is generally not the oldest woman, but rather her brother, so that Akan societies are, in the final analysis, male-governed.

Eulalie enters, drinking whiskey. A variety of emotions is spread out sukmary the play, entwining humour, love, sadness and anger. When they leave, Esi Kom opens the door to the house.

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Still, the story is not truly gripping, the characters not fully realized. These factors include the method of calculating genealogy; the division of labor; and the division of authority within a household.


The economic usefulness of children is reinforced by their religious and cultural significance. Although the Fante Confederacy of the s failed in its attempt to oust the British, and the Gold Coast the future Ghana became a full-fledged British colony insummary first anticolonial protest was an important milestone.

The transatlantic slave trade of the fifteenth through nineteenth centuries decimated the population of West Africa, tearing millions of Africans from their homelands and depositing them in the Americas. Shall I go to Cape Coast? But one of the big issues they will face is already addressed here: While Dzifa Glikpoe was brilliant in her role as the cheeky and overbearing African mother, dropping in on her son to bring food and urging the couple to give her grandchildren.

Ama Ata Aidoo: Language in The Dilemma of A Ghost

Even when modern contingencies prevent this organization, the family remains close. This is the true face of African interpretation to marriage: Historians point out that thoughts of Africa tended to rise among African Americans when racial tension in America was high.

She was also working with a tradition in West African literature of all levels: Ato, the first born son of a Ghanaian family, is sent to America to study. Aidoo herself is an early example of this growing trend.

Dilemma of a Ghost covers more than a year dliemma the ghoat of the Yawson family, but presents the action in brief snippets spread out over time. This ironic use of a popular type further allows Aidoo to explore the possibility of links among black peoples worldwide.

They sing the song that gives the play its title, the song of a ghost at a crossroads, who cannot decide whether he should go to Cape Coast or to Elmina. Law and the Status of Women in Ghana.

However, by this point Africa itself was being carved up into colonies by European powers in a race to extend their empires, and such wishes did not become reality. Her paternal grandfather was jailed and later killed for his anti-British activities. But women dominate another, even more important segment of the economy: This was a major achievement, extraordinary in the midst of calculated deprivations.

Dilemma of a Ghost

Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography. His American bride, Eulalie, is regarded as a “black white woman”, hailing dilemka no identifiable tribe, and fails to get pregnant the instant she arrives in Ghana.


Unknown February 17, at 1: The Akan peoples are distinct, even though they share similar cultural summar and speak mutually intelligible dialects of ghosf same language.

Her impeccable scenes of Ghanaian village life are lovingly rekindled in Michael Walling’s reverent, roughshod production. Aidoo presents the story quite well, balancing ov action between the couple and the family with dialogues between two village women who provide a different perspective on events.

In their naivety, Eulalie and Ato expect to slip easily into the Ghanaian way of life but things do not go according to plan and drama soon ensues. Although written in English, Adelugba notes ” there is every reason to believe that these speeches are made by characters who speak a Ghanaian language, probably Fante, and Aidoo. Unsurprisingly, then, the Fante were initially receptive to the British colonizers who offered a measure of protection and leverage against the Asante.

They repeat the rumors that Ato has not given money to his family, and that Eulalie spends all their wages on machines.

Then they add news: Lines such as “Aren’t they gotten any meaning on this rotten island” 48 and “Or are you too British you canna hear me Yankee lingo” 46 sound fake and perhaps demonstrate Aidoo’s own unfamiliarity at the time she wrote this play with American patterns of speech and ara. Home Arts Culture magazines Dilemma of a Ghost.

So, despite their natural interest in their ancestral home, African Americans had a great deal to learn about Africa. The Dilemma of a Ghost – UK. United Nations This brief scene sets the tone for the explosion that follows.

discuss five conflicts in the drama The dilemma of a Ghost by Ama Ata Aidoo.

The action of the play is spread out over a year. Closely related to the issue of identity is clash of culture. Writing for the Journal of Commonwealth LiteratureCosmo Pieterse agrees that the play has both strengths and weaknesses: The play opens with a long speech by the Bird of the Wayside.

When two cultures meet, there is thr a disagreeable point.