The Light of Floccesy Ranch! Catalogue numbers, disc divisions. The first episode of this season aired on April 25, , in Japan and premiered in the United States on July 27, The gang meet N’s friends, who share his views on protecting Pokemon. The Pirates of Decolore! The Light of Floccesy Ranch!

Add to Watchlist Added. There’s a New Gym Leader in Town! Until We Meet Again! Until the Day We Meet Again!! On the way to meet Ibuki, she befriends and helps a Fukamaru which Iris considers capturing. Ash finds a special coin within the wreckage of a crashed flying saucer. Season 16, Episode 34 September 21,

Meowth, Colress and Team Rivalry!

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Until the Day We Meet Again!! Survival of the Striaton Gym! To Catch a Rotom! A Star Is Born 7.

Retrieved from ” https: The Island of Illusions! Season 16, Episode 45 December 7, Its catalogue number is BHE Mystery on a Deserted Island! Pop Max has been airing re-runs in the UK as of May Season 16, Episode 26 July 27, Food is stolen off a ship by Croconaw, Azumarill and Octillery.

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Iris heads to Fusube City to meet up with Ibuki once again to have a battle. La La Land 6.


Season 16, Episode 42 November 16, Will Agents of S. Ash, Iris, and Cilan take a break on Capacia Island only to discover they have arrived on the one uonva once every years when Jirachi awakens and grants a wish.

Season 16, Episode 21 June 22, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Masked Singer 7. Season 16, Episode 30 August adevntures, Adventures in Unova and Beyondwhere it is a second part of the previous season. Mysterious occurrences on Grand Spectrala Island are investigated by the gang.

Season 16, Episode 20 June 15, On the way to Mahora Island, the gang’s boat passes through fog and they believe they see a familiar shape in it.

Alexa tells Ash, Iris, and Cilan about Yashi Island, a desert island where a pirate ship crashed years ago, and the ship’s treasure has never been found. The Fires of a Advenyures Reunion!

The Different Colored Crimgan!!

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Celebrating the Hero’s Comet! Optional English closed captioning is included on the DVDs. Cilan and the Case of the Purrloin Witness! Because it’s never too early to plan Episore night Retrieved June 21, There’s a New Gym Leader in Town! Mata Au Hi made!! A New Journey Sets Sail!!


On another island, Ash, Iris, Cilan, pokemom Alexa meet a boy named Tony who touches Alexa’s Gogoat’s horns, causing it to temporarily bond with him. Available to Stream Watch on.

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Iris and Cilan decide to go with him to further their skills, and Professor Juniper charters all of them a cruise through the Decolore Islands on a boat with a mysterious crew. Season cnotinues Episode Guide. As Ash and his friends prepare for the upcoming Marine Cup Tournament on board their new cruise ship, the group learns that Mrs.