Pikachu Melawan Sandile Melawan Ducklett!! The new animation for evolution looks really cool and its more similar to how it is in the games. Dansen met het Ducklett trio! Sandile and Pikachu have a battle, with Sandile gaining the upper hand after evolving into a Krokorok. Pikachu getting stuck inside an umbrella was kind of weird but the umbrella lighting up from Pikachu’s thunderbolt was awesome. English themes Opening Black and White.

Nice almost all the team pokemons appear already, poor Meguroko he loses his bravery and confidence when he loses glasses poor thing, hes crying for help, he was even scared of Kormoris. What was up those Duckletts? Quick Attack seems disposable but is useful outside of battle. If the problem persists, please contact Customer Support. Sandile and Pikachu team up to take on the three Ducklett. And worst cameo from Excadrill ever.

What’s new New posts New profile posts Latest pokemo. It was nice to see Iris and Ash were both training Scraggy and Axew at the beginning of the episode, because I do feel they both need to train their Pokemon more often then they do.

Cilan caught a Dwebble.

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Ash Ketchum voice Eileen Stevens Meanwhile, Ash, Pikachu, and Sandile watch from the bushes as the Ducklett joke around, waiting for the right opportunity to attack them and get their things back.

And speaking of unaired episodes I’m still bummed the Brock and Dawn specials didn’t air over here. Oshawott throwing his scalchop to the floor angrily and then quickly picking it up to see it it was okay.

This was a really awesome episode. That feels more like a number pattern. Ash had a five-on-five battle against his rival Trip and lost. OMG this ducks are devils, they just tricked them, oh Im giving the glasses back, nah water gun to the face.


If I remember correctly Turtwig saved Pikachu then when Ash came to get Pikachu Turtwig saw Ash as a bad guy and tackled it, in the same way Sewaddle did if I remember correctly. The ducks are awesome btw. I do agree with you about Chimchar though. Ash didn’t know that attack before that moment.

Scraggy did pretty good with the headbutt compared to Axew missing with scratch and just causing Scraggy’s molted skin to fall down had to look up on bulbapedia what those “pants” really were. As the rest of the group calls for him down the hole, the ground collapses again, sealing the hole shut.

Mesousa Biggest Hinata Azuma fanboy. But, I still preferred it as a finishing move to Electro Ball.

FFmax Pangoro’s Bizarre Adventure. But their battle is interrupted by some wild Duckletts. Full Cast and Crew.

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Pikachu’s Thunderbolt creating Electro Ball and Pikachu learning a new attack was nice. But Pikachu somehow manages to defeat it with the electroball move it just learned and it gets blasted off in team rocket fashion It was kind of strange seeing Duckoett and Krokorok blast off in the way Team Rocket always used to.

Well, I agree that giving Snivy all of those moves from the start does make her szndile bit overpowerful, as well as kind of limit what attacks she could learn. Was it just me or did Sandile go through a lot more than it needed to in order to get Pikachu to battle it.

Oshawott Type Water Abilities Torrent. All I have to say about Electro ball is it sandjle be a very strong move if it deflected stone edge and caused a heavy pokemon like Krokorok to fly into the sky.


Best thing this episode: Scraggy unlike Axew will have to participate in Gym Battles and I do think it will get boring if Scraggy can’t actually battle by the time of the second movie or maybe sometime after that.

Oshawott, with head turned a bright shade of red, runs around in pain and throws its scalchop to the ground in anger. From the grass, a wild Ducklett watches the trio.

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I thought this was a fun episode. Oshawott, Scraggy, and Axew chase after it and Iris follows after them in concern. The Ducklett manage to overpower all three of them, sending them skidding to the ground. Log in or Sign up. Also, I don’t think we’ve seen an evolution in the BW series yet. Ash is eager to accept the challenge of the Sandile, but before too long, three Ducklett appear and steal both Ash’s hat and the Sandile’s sunglasses.

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With Chikorita, I think it grew to like Ash because of the amount of kindness he gave to pikacju, as well as saving it from Team Rocket.