Takeda took Red’s Clefairy with him and they arrived to a restaurant. As Charizard delivered the first move, Clefairy was too scared to move so he kept on getting hit by Charizard’s Scratch. Great Discovery of the Fossil of the Era!! The moonlight that it stores in the wings on its back apparently gives it the ability to float in midair. Clefairy and Machamp get into an argument. Cilan mod Trip, Ash mod Georgia!! Fortid, nutid og fremtid! After the process was complete, Clefairy got out and noticed from a mirror that he had Mewtwo’s form.

After Patrat advised the trio what to do while in Unova, Clefairy brought out his stash of Berries and gave Patrat the tinest one. Clefairy has also shaved part of Bruno’s head off which made him more angry. During the Relay Race event, he stayed behind to warm up but Red told him to go. On the island, he ends up facing Erika and her Venusaur. The clones grew bigger and destroyed the luxury liner while the real Clefairy, who was weakened earlier by Agatha, climbed aboard on Red’s rowboat. He wanted it to hatch so he pretended to become one and hatched.

However, this wasn’t enough for Togekiss to get defeated and Clefairy collapsed from exhaustion. After the process was complete, Clefairy got out and noticed from a mirror that he had Mewtwo’s form. Castlevania Animated, Action, Adventure.

When Tyrogue tried out, he and Clefairy went to a bike shop. He, Tyrogue, and Pikachu go inside the broken slot machine and get stuck, with Clefairy spitting out the remaining coins.

Clefairy’s disruption of the training caused Bruno to unleash his full strength. Festival on Mount Moon. After hearing that he is very richClefairy becomes jealous and puts on a disguise along with the group using a magic marker.

As Charizard went for Flamethrowerthe pressure pushed it back and it was recalled. He climbed out of there as soon as Giovanni attacked the forest. Takeda who was also there wasn’t happy to see Red’s Clefairy and built a Clefairy robot to have revenge on Red’s Clefairy. As Bellossom pointed out that they did not actually enter Victory Road, the whole group got mad at Clefairy and they chased Clefairy for taking them to the abandoned building.


For a specific instance of this species, see Clefairy disambiguation. Clefairy managed to catch up to Red when they got inside. As an employee tells Clefairy that the production was slowing down, Clefairy invited N to dinner but N declines since he knows that Clefairy will record him again without permission. Dmaster Studios 11, views. Let’s Get all the Badges!

Playpilot – Episode 6: Clefairy og månestenen

Clefairy gets tricked by Green’s Magnemite and Voltorbbut was only successful with the latter one. Cleairy first, he had trouble controlling it since it took him around the world quickly.

Despite attempting to get rid of his darker self, it did not work as it created more of them which did some things that the group didn’t like. Fra A til Z! This concludes the entries from the original series. Clefairy is a combination of clef French for [musical] key and fairy. Pineco took the light and transferred it to Bellossom where it was able to heal up and use SolarBeam successfully.

X Y Friend Safari Fairy. Share Tweet Stream on Netflix. Clefairy was narrowly hit by Rhydon’s first Horn Drill as he dodged the attack. As Celebi made a tree grow, Clefairy tried doing so but it snapped in its early development.

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After defeating Falkner and tying up the Bellsprout, one of the Sages summons a giant one and Clefairy, Pikachu and Togepi battled it. There have been a ton of players desperately trying to understand where they can find the Pokemon of. It reappeared during flashbacks in Mission: X It is said that happiness will come to those who see a gathering of Clefairy dancing under a full moon. Clefairy battled his Rhydon first.

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Increases damage when there are more Clefairy in the puzzle area. Once the sun starts to rise, it returns home where it sleeps nestled with other Clefairy. Red attempts to challenge the Gym Leader Brock in a battle, but Clefairy flees after seeing his Onix shortly after witnessing Green and his Charmander piilot thrown out the Gym, which forces Red to drag Clefairy back.


When the entrance was partially opened, it gave Clefairy and the group a chance to escape but closed when Clefairy was about to make it. Clefairy surgically extracts the Badge but Red denied Clefairy from doing so. Clefairy debuted in Clefairy and the Moon Stonewhere some of them evolved into Clefable after touching the Moon Stone.

However, Stunky accidentally fell inside the machine. However, it turns out to be a Spearowwhich starts attacking Pikachu and Ash. Clefairy taped some big ears on him to investigate and ran to the area that the loud sound was coming from which was hidden in the Mahogany Town shop. Even though Clefairy won, he kept eating until the place was about to blow up.

Its numbers are few, however. He built a digger drill to drill pikot hole in the wall. Clefairy finally returned to Pallet Town and he, Red and Pikachu were recognized by the whole town. Since Clefairy showed a poor appeal after bumping heads with Torchic, he became the runner up. Masters of Spinjitzu Animated, Action, Adventure.

The group goes inside as Red and Clefairy claimed it as theirs.

I am Geran, also known as Gar1onriva. Since Clefairy lost his fish, he uses Pikachu as a fishing rod but Red warns them that doing so could electrocute the whole river.