The Kofuurai Impersonation Plan!! Do it for Numera!! A Splendid Performance Battle!! Numelgon , Somewhere Over the Rainbow!! Ash is knocked unconscious in the urban area, but Sophocles takes over as track partner, and he and Charjabug bring in the victory. But when Jigglypuff decides to perform its song, things may get complicated for the gang and Team Rocket too. Before the battle can be decided, Team Rocket are carried off by a wild Bewear. A kid named Nicholai attempts to catch a Zigzagoon; May has her first match against him after he hears she’s a Gym Leader’s daughter.

The Crimson Glare of Lugarugan!! The Charging Sihorn Race! Puni-chan is Being Targeted!! Mirror World Satoshi and Satoshi!? Forest of Meeting and Separation! Subsequent airings of the English version follow the original Japanese order, except in the case of episodes which are no longer shown in English this season is close to being the shortest. He needs to find a place to have it quickly fixed while letting nobody know it’s spoiled. For a complete episode listing, see the list of Best Wishes series episodes.

Any Need to Worry in a Tag Battle!? This is a list of episodes of the XY seriesfirst aired between October 17, and October 27, in Japan and between January 18, and January 21, in the United States, though the first two episodes were aired as a preview in the United States on October 19, October 4, — present. Ash and Pikachu decide to help Mallow gather some nectar. The Bonds that Would Save the World!! Ash’s Treecko gets beaten by a wild Seviper known for its bullying habits. Over the course of the series, Ash has had several friends who travel with him, typically across one region, who assist him in his journey as much as he assists in theirs.


Afterwards, Rowlet chooses to go with Ash. Ancient Mysterious Bird Archeos!!

Retrieved November 18, The race has three stages: The Case of the Disappearing Tabunne!! The Hyakkoku TryPokaron Tournament!!

The Crisis of Pokmon Gym!!

List of Pokémon: Advanced episodes – Wikipedia

After seeing them in action, Ash naturally wants to battle Gladion. Mao ‘s Great Cooking Operation! The Mask of Punishment!! She and Snowy are saved by Ash and Mallow. Sophocles enters a special race with a miniature car powered by his Charjabug against other Charjabug-cars.

Pokémon anime

Three special episodes aired during the Best Wishes series episofes, with two focusing on what Dawn and Brock have been doing while Ash is in the Unova region, and a third special centering on Virgil ‘s encounter with Mewtwo.

Bewear appears, but it and Oranguru refuse to fight each other, and Team Rocket is once again carried off. Secret of the Lake! Pojemon and friends finally reach Mauville City. Citroid VS Black Citroid!! What Will You Do, Serena!?


Sun and Moon Ultra Adventures.

Episode N Language Title Korean. A Sibling Battle for Nyaonix!! Preparing to return home, they find a Wimpod trapped inside a blocked cave. For a majority of the series, they play a significantly more antagonistic role than in any other series, displaying very little humor although this was restored during the Decolore Islands arc.

Harley and Taking the Game Seriously!! An Encounter Fpisodes Time. Mijumaru ‘s Biggest Crisis Ever!!

Type Battle 3 VS 3!! But when Jigglypuff decides to perform its song, things may get complicated for the gang and Team Rocket too. Personal tools Create account Log in.

Ash and friends foil a Team Rocket kidnapping scheme on the high seas, but are then left high and dry themselves when Team Rocket’s boat breaks down. Personal tools Create account Log in. Also competing is May’s new rival Drew and a young man named Robert who uses Milotic