They decide to protect themselves from the ghost by buying a large quantity of ofuda or anti-ghost stickers and placing them around the shrine and the two cursed ones. I kinda like the French translation! With weaknesses to three different moves types, Venustoise has to take into account of the weather. I think it’s the shape that bothers me most. Every year at this season, the ghost of this girl steals the spirit of a young man and this year it is James’ and Brock’s turn. However, Speed will not double on the turn weather becomes Sunny. This is including secondary abilities.

However, I find this less persuasive; I tend to think that it’s not that large a detriment or dagner to be flat-chested with a small-jawed child. Please remember to follow the manual of style and code of conduct at all times. Also Venasaur is already on all 4 legs, despite Blastoise being a standing turtle. Serperior with contrary WILL be ou once released. El fantasma de Maiden’s Peak. How did I not notice there were two turtle Pokemon until just now. I’m trying to think of more examples, and what I keep coming up with are pokemon who overwhelmingly resemble their design Ash and others try to prevent Brock and James from being pulled out by the maiden.

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However, as they have a tail pkoemon their hindquarters Someone on here said his name is like “strange bulb thing” and Bulbizzare in other languages. She uses a cross, garlic, a stake, and episoode hammer, comparing Gastly to a vampire.

Ash’s Pikachu shocks James and Brock, and the two finally revert to their normal selves. Traveling by ferry from the holiday resort of Porta Vista to Maiden’s PeakAsh and his friends find out that they have arrived in time for the annual Summer Festival. Generally speaking, Sceptile’s niche exists as a lategame unburden sweeper or a pathetic ppkemon.

Probably 3 competitively, episodf. As such, infants who require nourishment from their mother’s milk would have a very hard time trying to feed off a mother whose nipples, the source of said nourishment, are either A Not long enough to reach, or B Don’t protrude outward enough to be reachable. As the episode ends, the true ghost of the maiden emerges from her stone self, thanking Gastly for keeping her legend alive and hoping her true love will return.


With dual Poison type moves, Venustoise be a useful attacker against the stronger Grass and Fairy types, like Tangrowth, Gardevoir, and Exeggutor. Please remember to follow the manual of rpisode and code of conduct at all times. I believe Bulbizarre is the French equivalent, and is a loose translation of the Japanese name which is roughly translated to strange seed.

As they all try to return Brock and James normal, the old lady appears again, reminding them of her warning about the ghost of the maiden.

Jessie then sends out Ekansonly for it to be scared off by Gastly’s newly summoned mongoose. I have not included Exclusive Moves from Community Days. Also Venasaur is already on all 4 legs, despite Blastoise being a standing turtle.

Conceptual Pokémon Fusion, July 2018 : Venustoise

Everybody chose chimchar or turtwig, me, I sat over in the corner with my piplup like some weirdo. News Archive Sticky Schedule. Now that’s a clever idea – not born out in human populations, I think, but it wouldn’t be hard to imagine a species with something like that going on. You are ignorant it’s ok. I actually think Meganium is awesome.


The head is just so James and later Brock are thrown out of the shrine. So what is bulbasaur? It’s a green hot dog. Personal venustolse Create account Log in.

What could the ghost possibly be after? Suddenly a strong wind blows, and the doors of the Maiden’s Shrine open.

El fantasma de Maiden’s Peak. Keep posts related to Pokemon Flair posts correctly No politics!

However, when night comes, they note that the stickers do not work, and just like the previous night, the ghost of the maiden appears. In weather that has pros, use Venustoise all you want and let it tear through its enemies, but in the weather with cons, avoid using it against foes that may have super-effective moves.


Torterra is the result.

He’s just a kind of guy, with a humanoid body. Its head is just like a green hotdog with eyes and a line mouth, its body is a eposode of that same flesh with four hotdog legs. Of course, this is supposition; I have not looked into any research supporting it.

Awesome type and it looks fucking beastly!

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How did I not notice there were two turtle Pokemon until just now. After repeatedly being beaten by Gastly, Misty tries another strategy.

Also, his only good physical grass STAB is wood hammer, which gives huge recoil damage. Team Rocket’s interest in the festivities, on the other hand, is purely monetary. And when you’re bipedal, the hindquarters are not as pronounced or available for viewing. His 4x weakness to ice mean that any water pokemon faster than him can easily kill him.

Thus, breasts evolved to resemble the rump, and attract males in an area much more visible. Therefore, it is my theory that humans developed both breast and nipples that are slightly larger than those of the average mammal to make breastfeeding more efficient and to reduce the chances of infant mortality due to undernourishment.

Well, according to the Smogon tiers anyway. A fantastical beast that is both plant and animal. I dunno, it’s just too generic in my opinion. Ghastly and the video I linked says venustoise, but now that torterra is a pokemon, he is what you get when mixing the two. According to the priest’s explanation, the girl in the picture lived 2, years ago, and awaited the return of a lover captured in battle, until she finally turned into stone.