She has always worked simultaneously on paintings and sculpture, but she has continuously been concerned about the showing space that was not just decorum but the matrix of a given project. I wrote a poem about it much much later: My mother, who was a saint, a deaf saint, and I have a lot of friends as you know and I could have put other people in here but this is the cast I chose for this book. When someone says why do you write — what would you say? It is exactly this principle of vigilant observation of self-contamination that plays a decisive role here: If we exposed this frontier too much, it would be destructive for our interior, but an excessive closure would lead the body to natural death. An ikebana made of concrete, cars and puddles. It all is as it should be, it is Sunday outside, it is soon to rain, a car passes across the parking lot for a brief second, life is here, going about in a rhythm and with principles of its own.

In , a great Russian theoretician and semiotician, Victor Chklovski had written about the great revolutionary poet Mayakovski: Trezno in racionalno moramo priti stvari do dna. The composition comes to a halt. Toda ali je strah tudi ob vseh odsotnosti realne osnove zanj tudi radioaktiven? Then silence prevails once again. Tradicionalnom begu od naturalizma Mereskovski dodaje svoje strategije- on nam ne samo otkriva nacine koriscenja svojih tehnika , uvodeci pritom prolazne posmatrace slucajni prolaznik Zerara Fromanzea i Brace Dimitrijevica u svoj film, uvodeci takodje ideju koja bese napustena od strane boraca protiv naturalizma da film moze biti veran nekoj istini, da od istine ne treba bezati i ako je posmatraci ne cuju, da je treba nekoliko puta u tekstu ponavljati, variranjem jacine glasa od povika do sapata.. But to one question I gave a really good answer. This is all a very sad story- when I moved to London in a quarter called Bethlehem Green one could still find numerous synagogues.

In France, for instance and in some other countries where the National Front is in action, their representatives live in those forlorn places spared by the immigrants.


Hence, migration does not unfold in a straight line; it is rather a process of moving from one point to the other that necessitates meandering, wandering, changing of pace, transformation, negotiation, and adaptation. Bags, covered with plastic tarpaulins—no ambiguity about flim. Obenem ko so nosilec informacij za, so tudi nosilec informacij proti jedrski energiji.

I was lucky because I could fllm fallen into a glib stupidity of my own. On the contrary—only a possibility of life, only some announcement of life, no people, no voice of the train announcer, no train, no echoes of human footsteps, only birds croaking away, only posldeice breeze that says: What we can teach to a group of non-initiated beginners or people interested in an art is just history of that particular artistic discipline.

I was heading to my own dystopian nest in the heart of Montmartre, but I dreaded opening its doors of perception, at that particular place where my physical home was, where I dwelled in Paris, in the 17th arrondissement where also my very heart of hearts and my memories were locked, but I lost the key to that door and was never happy while sleeping, eating or working in it the existential dread….

He is attacked by everyone and everything, from the inside and the outside and his solitude must had been the total one.

Open Univer- sity Press. Then the boy tires out, he leans up against a stranger, coughs. As the result of such a situation, the very question whether the recent subversive avant-garde practices have taught anything of the emancipatory value both the social art practitioners and their public, remains still unanswered.

It is a pure event which hides itself in its own tissue, waiting for us to take it out from its envelope.

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An auto-suggestion and a morning delusion. Language, how playful of you: Photography is like throwing a net in the sea full of fish in a way. This is the place, this is the time: Iz hotela se odjavim preko avtomata, tako kot sem se vanj poledice.

As I sat in a traditional Japanese house several days ago, my gaze wandered through a window and into a cunqmija traditional garden. Pogledaj sledece video radove Mihaila Ristica: Reading Pausanius and certain Greek things were very special to me because in a way I though I was living in a world and the century that was not so far from what ancient Greece was.


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In chemistry, it means a change or movement of atoms in a molecule. Nadar and other creepy creatures. I would fipm illustrate my stories by performing certain examples from the history of the avant-garde theater, thus showing them certain techniques which would not necessarily be shown in their books.

A Bloomsday is slowly about to begin there as well. The moral and pedagogical lesson drives the director insane and he escapes from it. Because wherever lightning goes, water is sure to be found, and they are in the desert. Another thing is that people like to see the refugees as victims, they sympathize with them until the certain moment, they imagine themselves in a similar situation which causes them to have empathy, until the moment when these poor refugees start feeling good.

Even when they got to see it! folm

What is a frontier anyways? By insisting on the historically oriented lists of the works of art, the beginner was able to discern his own qualities from his insufficiences in the very act of writing creative act of any sort.

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Small excavators lined up along the road, workers with no helmets and no gas masks, unprotected. A Serbian surrealist poet, Djordje Kostic, posledics said: The theater which tends to body and all its aspects, body being the basic unit of any theatrical activity. Let us see them one by one.