Okay, they never really looked all that grandly integrated, but they look a hell of a lot better than this on the older transfers. To some extent, he even overturns the conventions of the genre and our expectations for what might be called “gun porn. Fact-packed, informative and enjoyably frank, this takes in a lot of great material, from cut scenes, the Predator’s arsenal, the casting and the FX and how the great jungle sounds were achieved. The Bruce Lee Story. Use the thumbs up and thumbs down icons to agree or disagree that the title is similar to Predator. Unfortunately, the film has never made much of an impression visually, including its original Blu-ray debut from

No, for me, the densely processed and un-film-like image is, by far, the most damning aspect and, pretty much, negates any of the good points that this transfer has to offer. Sadly, 20th Century Fox scupper what could have been one of the back-catalogue releases of the year, and one can only pray that the Alien series fares much, much better than this when it arrives on Blu-ray. Photo Gallery HD — It goes without saying that these on-set stills are only interesting to those who like looking at production photos. Intricate leaf patterns, say. And the sad thing is that the majority of them don’t look at sites like this and really have no hope of knowing any better. Impossible – Fallout

Welcome to the Jungle, A Star Wars Story Granted, there are no issues hubter clipping and the image possesses a nice pop, but this is at the cost of weaker black levels during night scenes. At its best, the front-heavy presentation displays a clean mid-range with strong fidelity.

It’s not that I hoped for some kind of improvement, but after watching the mess made of the video, I figured the studio might have also manipulated the audio. The Cradle of Life. Filtered debanded YouTube real time debanding. The only characters without their own gravitational orbits are a female prisoner Elpidia Carrillowho’s obviously exempt from the blatant display of virility, and two average guys, Untoucher Richard Chaves and Hawkins Shane Black.

The Commentary from John McTiernan is a surprisingly tedious affair. blurxy

Predator: Ultimate Hunter Edition Blu-ray Review | High Def Digest

Never looked good, did it? Sure, we’re allowed some minor glimpses of the creature, but it’s always from a distance so as to save the best for last. Predator – Ultimate Hunter Edition Blu-ray The Empire Strikes Back Yes, of course, he is covered in sludge, but look again at the cartoon blandness of his face in the those shots.


Episode II – Attack of the Clones. Odds are these same people would have complained bitterly about it if it unttouched retained its grain from the older MPEG-2 edition, or from the DVDs, or, shudder, the original theatrical print. Later, in the final fight at night where grain should be thickest, minor background info is missing and the entire sequence loses its overall gritty nature.

The heavy-guns roar and belch lead with a fine ferocity. Use the thumbs up and thumbs down icons to agree or disagree that the title is similar to Predator. Text Unyouched — As the title implies, white text provided by film historian Eric Lichtenfeld is superimposed on the movie similar to subtitles. They’re a group of guys we end up liking, combatants with highly-specialized skills of defense.

If I was to pick anything to moan about with the sound, it would be the slight swamping of dialogue that takes place during some of the more score and action heavy moments. Thus, in a move that is bv50 controversial and already causing heated debates on forums around the world, this new edition of Predator has been cleaned-up and scrubbed with almost unparalleled use of DNR.

Judgment Day Terminator 2: And later, when the elite commando team raids a rebel encampment, the filmmakers have us fully convinced that things will continue in this direction. And there is an argument that some close-ups, mostly of Dutch, do look extremely detailed and cause the little mischievous devil on your shoulder to whisper in your ear that this is, indeed, a nice looking image that is showing you things that you’ve never seen in the film before.

Predator – Ultimate Hunter Edition Blu-ray Review

The Girl in the Spider’s Web. Now, I have watched the original SD 2-disc edition and this, back-to-back, as well as had a look at the previous BD, but despite my initially horrified misgivings about what has happened to one of my favourite and most-watched SF-thrillers, I have, perhaps unforgivably, grown somewhat used to this glossy, high-sheen, T-cut version.


According to a disc announcement, Fox promised a new restoration of the film, and fans were somewhat excited — if not slightly skeptical — to see what this classic creature-feature would ultimately look like. The Empire Strikes Back S The Amazing Spider-Man Everything else in this package will already be familiar to those with the earlier editions in their trophy cabinet.

The entire soundstage fills with good imaging and balanced separation between channels, feeling very open and wide. For those fans unfamiliar with the history of ‘Predator,’ this makes for a must watch. A combination of The Most Dangerous Game meets Lord of the Fliesthe John McTiernan – directed blockbuster infuses a tongue-in-cheek attitude into a cheap-thrills plot, where audiences are expected to actually believe the unstoppable, muscle-bound Arnold Schwarzenegger could ever be in mortal danger.

Predator: Ultimate Hunter Edition

Personally, I like the way ‘Predator’ sounds on this high-resolution codec. I’m not convinced that some tiny shots, usually nano-second cuts of one of the lesser characters suddenly making a move, don’t still have some fine-grain left in them.

Listen to the thick thwang! And, again, when our hero is hiding under the upturned roots and vines and is covered with grey mud. Editors Note We have previously reviewed the Blu-ray release of ‘Predator. It is brittle and brusque and mightily percussive. NGU and processing animetrash. The World’s Strongest Guy. You can also suggest completely new similar titles to Predator in the search box below.

Colors are nicely saturated and clean, with primaries looking really vibrant but not overstated.

Even the promotional campaign took part in convincing moviegoers this untoucehd a straightforward guns and explosions type of feature while at the same time keeping the alien’s appearance to a minimum. This is Predator, the Botox version. The Lord of the Rings: It’s good viewing for those interested.

The Lovely Bones Thankfully, it wasn’t to the point of annoyance, but it’s still there.

On the surface of things, when you first look at this 1.