Upon Emily’s suggestion, she decides to visit Ezra in his office and re-establish their connection. The Trip of Reuniting reviews Aria and Ezra’s relationship has come to a point where it needs fixing. Ezria x Spoby x Sparia friendship. Her family is out of town and all her friends are preoccupied. Ezriaismylifex 14 itsamelia 6 krazyfan1 7 lostinthefantasy 4 missdallywinston With Aria’s parents acting as chaperones too, the pressure to keep their distance is immense, but what happens when Aria and Ezra just can’t seem to keep their hands off each other?

Nothing and nobody can ever prepare you for that moment. Earrings We are very excited that these earrings were worn by the character Mona in the Pretty Little Liars season 4 finale. He tells her that things with Miranda and her family are more complicated than he had realized. Meanwhile, Hanna begins searching for other teens that went missing the same time as Alison did. Meanwhile, at the cottage, Aria gazes outside while Ezra looks at a trapdoor in the floor. The Fight for Love reviews Aria and Erza are in love. An hour before the Pretty Little Liars series. The girls realize that the body was identified as Ali because it was important that everyone believed that she was dead.

She lost her will to keep fighting a long time ago, and she’s been waiting for this moment to arrive the way a child waits to open presents on Christmas. Still in high school, she can keep writing her stories on the college website so long as her identity is kept hidden.

Aria is -A TV Show. Fifty Shades Trilogy – Rated: And she was willing to do anything to get him back. Aria calls Ezra and asks to pick her up, and they drive off. But with Rosewood never far enough away, will her past come back to haunt her?

Who will Aria turn to other than her boyfriend, Ezra. Pretty Little Liars Trailer Four friends band together against an anonymous foe who threatens to reveal their darkest secrets, while unraveling the mystery of the murder of their best friend. But it didn’t work.


Inhibitions by Flutterbycross reviews Ezra Fitz has a rule, alcohol and intimacy don’t mix. Neither Friend Prretty Foe by tickledpink92 reviews Aria Montgomery is a popular writer for an online college eBook community called HollisWrites, where she meets a mysterious individual named “E” who hates her writing.

Marvel’s Agents of S. Finding The Unknown reviews Aria and Ezra are both in their 20’s, they meet in a bar one night.

Miserable At Best by sburke94 reviews Aria’s going to college, eager to leave Rosewood and the bad memories behind. She knows that she wants him to let her in, but even with the secrets and dangers that haunt him?

That is until Aria finds out Ezra is a part of the A Team. In the final shot, A walks into the cottage and pulls open the trapdoor. What happens when her parents ;retty to the hospital first?

Slowly but surely, the two develop a close friendship.

Her family is out of town and all her friends are preoccupied. My idea of what should happen.

Pretty Little Liars

Story doesn’t exactly match up with PLL events, but it’s close. She’s not always as strong as she may seem. Abuse of the TV. They become closer and their feelings for each other grow stronger. Ezra brings Aria to a small cottage in the woods, and explains that it belongs to a friend of his, but he watches over the place. It is one of the four major ships in the Pretty Little Liars fandom Series. What happens when a piece of her past shows up in an unexpected place?

Can she convince him to stay in LA? Spencer wonders if Ali reached out to anyone else, such as Jason. Meanwhile, Emily and Hanna each receive shocking threats that elevate the seriousness of the situation.


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Liiars Last Tear by princessjasmine12 reviews Byron has to stay with Ella in the hospital because she has cancer. In the seventh-season premiere, the ladies race to save Hanna following her abduction by Uber A and must hand over evidence revealing Charlotte’s real murderer in order to do so. Andrea goes home with the flu it’s going around and Olivia makes the appointments and well Jason returns to Rosewood to warn Ali not to trust Mary.

What happens when the secretly dating student and teacher happen to get married? Aria tells Ezra that she is seeing someone else, and Ezra gives her a key to the cottage, saying that it could be their secret. Don’t stop no matter how much it hurts. What happens when Byron’s new colleague Ezra seems like the only option? Toby says that he was able to talk to most of the people, and they wanted to talk but were afraid of getting onlline trouble.

Whip Cream by missdallywinston reviews A continuation of the ending Ezria cake scene in 4×16, Close Encounters. Sweet Dessert reviews This is a continuation on the Ezria scene with the brownie and whip cream at the end of 4x What will Ian do when he realizes how drunk she is?

Aria and Ezra sreies to put the chocolate syrup and whip cream to better use, other than on the brownie. Meanwhile, Alison keeps a close eye on her friends.