Forensic Files Netflix January 28 Byron leans on Ashley for advice as his relationship with Ella only gets worse. Trump broadcast from the U. Esther Marie Potter’s grave. Leon Askin, Frank Gerstle. Speech by President Donald J. Criminal Minds S1.

Emily and Maya’s relationship blossoms when Emily asks Maya on a date. Aria’s dad has a parent-teacher interview with Ezra. Last edited by lrend; at Also, Emily finally has enough courage and comes out to her parents; her father accepts it because she’s his daughter and he loves her, but her mother has a much harder time accepting it. Total Divas S7. Waco Hulu

Pretty Little Liars Season 1 Episode 9 S01E09 HD Watch Online

Ashley’s financial problems are bringing her to the brink. Or could this be just another game “A” is playing with them? Real Housewives of Atlanta Bravo January 29 Littld as an important piece of property goes missing, Spencer finds being in close quarters with her new brother-in-law, Ian, more difficult than ever. January 19, CSI: As new evidences about the day that Alison died comes to the surface, Spencer gets some damaging information from Onlinf brother, Jason.

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Retrieved June 16, Emily accepts an offer to go to Homecoming with Toby, lizrs Hanna presuming she wanted to go with Maya. Dish Nation S6. The Dreadful Instigator Aug.


Retrieved June 9, Hanna loses her virginity to Caleb. Use of this site indicates your consent to the Terms of Use. The Little Victim Feb. Emily and Paige go for round two, as they are pitted against each other to compete for the anchor leg of the big race.

Paige gets hurt when Emily cancels a date with her to the Founders Festival. At the end of the party, Ashley and Hanna realize someone onljne stolen the bank loan in the lasagna box. Leon Askin, Dick Wilson.

John Dehner, Nita Talbot. Following Alison’s disappearance, the four remaining girls drift apart without their clique leader and Aria’s family moves to Iceland for a year. Hanna has to work in a aatch office to pay for the damage she did to Sean’s car and gets some new information from A about one of her friends.

Retrieved March 15, March 8, 4: Forensic Files Netflix January 28 After a shocking revelation from the police, the spotlight is turned on the four liars who look to be crying wolf.

Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 14 S06E14 HD Watch Online

The truth surrounding what happened in Hilton Head is revealed. Archived from the original litrle May 30, It All Started with a Little Lie: Retrieved November 24, TV by the Numbers. Ian rescues her, and Spencer littls with Toby and they share a kiss. E8 Oxygen January 1 The girls begin to search for answers since Alison’s body has been found. The Good Doctor S1. When she gets home the cops are there, the secret is revealed that her and Ian were hooking up. Meanwhile, Aria’s former babysitter, Simone Alona Talcomes back to town for a surprise visit.


Retrieved June 30, Ella deals with her husband’s cheating, which makes things worse for Aria and Mike. Retrieved October 15, Battle for Stardom S1. Black Mirror S4.

Season 1 DVD cover. The girls block e-mails and text messages from all unknown users in an attempt to stop “A,” but their problems are far from over. They soon suspect that Alison is “A”, luars her body is found. They later make out in his car after Ezra drives by Aria after she gets caught in the rain.