Reply Parent Thread Link. Hope someone in u17 crush him again. Yukimura and Niou together must wreck havoc. I thought he mellowed down a bit, but nope, he’s still adamant on victory. From all appearances, you seem to have lost your sense of hearing. I wonder if Yukimura use his Yips other things like those annoy him, etc..

I think Yukimura and Ryoma’s talk went better than a lot of others. Heh, there’s also Kamio and Ibu. There should not have been a problem with this. First, Yukimura-kun is talented at stealing opponents’ five senses using “Yips”. And leads the interview. You guys won’t be able to win against the Seigaku that I’ll lead, you won’t be able to win.

I like Ryoma here! However, Yukimura had used his “Yips” on that Kikumaru to steal his sense of taste.

PairPuri – Inside My Head

The talk is funny and touched! We, the invincible Rikkai, condone no losses! You too, why are you so determined to win that you’ll use such dirty methods to do it? Tags ghost 13 assassins 3 idiots 77 shadow street a dance with dragons a darkness in my soul a land fit for heroes a song of ice and fire accel world ajin akagami no shirayuki-hime akatsuki no yona aldub alexander the great amatsuki amaya amnesia ancient egyptian myths and legends andarist andrew lang anime anomander rake another anthropology ao haru ride ao no exorcist aoharu x kikanjuu arabian nights arcana famiglia archaeology ardant du picq art art of war arthur arthur cotterell assail assassin’s creed assassin’s creed 2 assassin’s creed 3 assassin’s creed 4 assassin’s creed ascendance assassin’s creed brotherhood assassin’s creed embers assassin’s creed lineage assassin’s creed revelations assyrian aztec aztec and maya myths babylonian babylonian legends of the creation bakumatsu kikansetsu irohanihoheto bakumatsu rock bas-lag basilisk: I hate guys like them.


But this is limited to those who have the right to grasp victory.

Prince of Tennis: Pairpuri Episode 5 Discussion

I understood that if I won there, those noisy sempai of mine would be super delighted. Log in No account? Watch all of the pairpuris, the fandiscs, message in a bottle epusode drama and other special episodes.

Yukimura was very driven. I was all smiling reading when they all are touched Enjoyment can only be found at the end of victory. Here, I will also record other testimonies. Heh, I bet senpai-tachi will now bully Ryoma for his words.

prince of tennis pairpuri

Watch PoT movie 2: If you like Tenipuri humor, then this is for you. Hehe, I can imagine that with Ryoma! I think Ryoma’s kinda settled into his adorable kohei routine XD I do tdnnis how he’s warmed up to the team I’m also finding it hilarious that they manage to all barge in on his interview.

The two media are just too different, even if the manga was the original. Hasn’t he ever heard of underdogs and dark horses?


Not necessarily not being talented enough but for one pairpuru or another not being able to play tennis. Maybe because neither Inoue or Shiba were there in the second half. You’re already Seigaku’s pillar!

Atobe times Tezuka, divided by Koharu Prince of Tennis fans will surely enjoy this short series for its humor. If you say something eplsode that, there won’t be any dry eyes around. Is there anything definite in a battle?

If he were wishy washy, he wouldn’t be able to lead Rikkai at all. Is it just me, or was K-kun probably Kuuki Kiichi? X3; Niou gave himself away. XD But seriously, Yukimura is become more manry and manry each time the story about him shows up.

O Month X Day Members: Watch the anime version or the rikkaidai arc ep compare it with the manga seigaku training camp in the mountain practice matches vs hyotei I don’t think he’s very happy that people with no talent gets to play tennis when he doesn’t get to play with his illness. Grid View Paorpuri View.