The first thing on the menu is additional character customization options. There will be a bingo card for this event, but so far the rewards on it look pretty unremarkable compared to previous offerings. With gathering set to arrive in Skyscape and Seabed comes a new set of skill rings. It certainly would be thematically appropriate! More specifically, Japan in the year If you hit 25, a Fever is guaranteed. Border Breaking Chaos returns as a level up quest. This comes complete with a Limited Quest set in Las Vegas that pits players against a wide selection of enemies, so your usual all-star quest.

With the last part some time in the Summer this could bring the entire event to a span of about 8 months or so. Photon Art crafting is the major one. Candies themselves can be upgraded through grinding, with higher rank candies requiring lambda grinders. That its story is spread among them is what I believe makes it trans-media. Will there be a good reason to sell the cuisines rather than the individual ingredients? Episode 5 provides a much simpler way of advancing the story. Instead, it;s the boss of what seems to be the 2nd Arks Quest. I note she still offers Photon Boosters, Caligulas and Toranas at least.

The video also confirms that the quest does not come with its own unique rewards, however it does seem to drop the 2nd tier stones dpisode all three Extreme Quests as well as the recently added Torana stones. There are friendly, enemy and neutral rainbow emblems, though their individual worth in a match is unknown. Being the final broadcast before the actual expansion, its time to iron out any remaining questions surely?

Some images in this post were taken from Dengeki scans uploaded by Manta here. G-heaven just posted this up today.

PSO2 Guide: The Bridge, Story Board, & Omnibus Quests | PSUBlog

This is just gonna act as an information gathering spot for ring abilities and what their numbers and requirements are. At first I thought pxo2 were yet another reskin of the old Sun God weapons but they are actually something new. All I can say is, it just looks like a rose by another name.


Trouble is, Summoner seems to have a fairly high HP pool by default. It seems like the game-play would just be too passive for my liking, though this style may well appeal to some. I will say that content past Earth had better go back to alien worlds again. For perspective, Episode 4 started on January 27th. Omnibus Quests are hosted by Alma, a silver haired woman who appears to be the first Klariskrays. Seiga Sword is listed as having attack.

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The main course is coming. For all I know the Skill Ring and Cuisine systems might turn out to be excellent.

Now you can choose to not have a sticker on your costume. Casts will also gain this system. Handy for the more fragile classes I guess, depends on if there are points left over to spend on insurance skills like this.

The entire PSO2 EP:4 storyboard mission custscenes translated in English

This will make your Mag invisible, as you might expect, but it will otherwise still function as normal. Observed weapons are Sword, Rod and Rifle. If your pets can benefit from other class skills, melee type pets would benefit potentially massively from Fighter as a sub-class. Story Quests will now have an Easy Mode added to them. Border Breaking Chaos returns as a level up quest.

Phantasy Stones Online 2. The maximum number of characters any one account can have has also been increased from 12 to Much like with other games, you essentially seem to walk up to a node and press buttons to make a thing happen and you get an item. Presumably stacks with Mate Lovers.


So far, the game has essentially been about chasing and suppressing space-Cthulu in various alien worlds.

This site uses cookies. There is the persistent mystery of who ESC-A are the company behind the magical wireless internet they have over there and the owner of the giant blue tower and why their technology is having the effect that it is.

This seems like one that might go down well in the community and for decent reason; being able to just-attack out of a step is kind of a big boon. My bigger concern is the candies and eggs are going to take up even more inventory space! Point Assist is a personal Weak Bullet that only works for your pet and your pet only.

PSO2 Guide: The Bridge, Omnibus Quests, Story Board

More specifically, Japan in the year So what use is it once your subclass has hit its cap? Will these also be exchange items I wonder? It looks like it might be tied to picking up Emblems. Unlike other classes added so far, Summoner is considerably more complicated an affair. It certainly would be thematically appropriate! Something new for PSO2 broadcasts is this general teaser for future content down the line. Also come on, we have a volcanic cavern peppered with ore veins and a mining facility filled with abandoned materials.

We also get a look at the solo extreme quest in action, showing additional battles with Gal Gryphon, Dragon Ex and Knight Gear among the floors we already knew about. Guess the usefulness of this one depends on the function of the new projectiles.