Poonam loses her cool and confronts Jassi. Zindagi primarily shows Pakistani TV serials; Aadhe Adhoore was one of the few that had been made by Indian content producers. Sexual transgression with all its complexities came to be enmeshed in the daily rhythms of everyday life. Jassi and Beeji feel offended, but do not say anything to Viren. Finally, Jassi undergoes abortion. She encourages Viren to stop worrying and cheers him up. Do you think I am going to kill myself? The next day, Jassi makes up a story to Beeji and leaves for Jalandhar along with Viren.

Ashok tells Jassi that he is very concerned and worried about his sister Channi, as she has come to a marriageable age. However, Jassi comforts her and assures her that there is nothing to worry about. Beeji gives breakfast to Viren and tells him to inform them whenever he plans to eat outside. What made the early episodes of the show distinct were primarily two striking features: Jassi is equally petrified. In one scene, Jassi went to his room demanding an explanation for his unpredictable behaviour. Jassi shares a good relation with her family, and she is like a friend to Viren. However, Jassi remains cool and gives a befitting reply.

Viren and Jassi meet to discuss on the cashier from the abortion clinic, Jassi consoles Viren saying that he might not have recognized Viren. Jassi looked him in the eye and asked: On the other hand, Viren surprises Beeji by saying that he is looking forward to get married.

Meanwhile, Nimmi and her family are planning to shift Viren to their city after marriage.

Later in the night, Beeji is surprised when she does not find Jassi in her room. It lasted barely five months. Notwithstanding her relationship with Virender, Jassi genuinely loved her husband and missed him.


Though Ashok intervenes and tries to pacify Poonam, she chides him as well. Ashok tells Jassi that he is very concerned and worried about his sister Channi, as she has come to a marriageable age. She tells Viren that she will have to abort her pregnancy if her pregnancy is confirmed.

She also tells Jassi that Viren will not be the same after marriage. When Streer Patra was published inTagore was at dramma receiving axhooray of scathing attacks for dishonouring the institution of marriage. Nimmi and Viren have good time while shopping together. Later, Jassi is surprised when Nimmi tells her that she will change Viren after their marriage. Jassi then asks Viren to bring the pregnancy test kit from a chemist. Viren is shocked and tells Jassi that they will be in a big mess if she is really pregnant.

Later in the night, Viren all of a sudden decides to go back to home, leaving Nimmi puzzled and dejected.

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Beeji finally asserts that the marriage celebrations have begun and henceforth, every day will be a celebration. Viren thanks them all and plans a small get-together with his buddies. Two months after Jassi got married, her husband Narender Arpit Kapoorthe main earning member of the family, takes up a job in Sharjah. This leaves Jassi tensed and she expresses her doubts of being pregnant to Viren. Though Jassi tries to comfort her, but of no avail.

However, when Viren comes to know of this, he is irked and makes it clear that he is not interested in marrying. Her fetters were not light either aadgay she did not need to die in order to live. However, he is surprised when Jassi tells him that she is aware of this development. She comforts Viren and tells him that nothing has changed and everything is fine.


Beeji is aaddhay apprehensive with the thought that Viren will leave them after marriage. In one scene, Jassi went to his room demanding an explanation for his unpredictable behaviour. She develops a fondness for Varinder and secretly gets into a relationship with him.

Poonam loses her cool and confronts Jassi.

Naren and his friends are enjoying and reminiscing the good old time. Meanwhile, Poonam chides Channi for making delicacies in her absence.

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An apprehensive Jassi tells Viren that by marrying Channi he can save their relationship. This makes Beeji and Jassi very dgama and they start feeling that Nimmi is trying to get the family together.

Jassi finds it hard to control her happiness. On the other hand, Viren is having a good time with his friends.

The TV serials of the early nineties were similar in tone and pitch to those being aired on Zindagi.