This list is missing several of many iconic drama serials. There is a need for India to revisit its security policies in the occupied region. Ankahi, Dhoop Kinare can’t forget. These dramas were amazing.. Mar 15, Initially it ran for half an hour which was converted into one hour due to public demand. OMG this article brings back such fond memories. Never tired of watching the old goldies on youtube or any other medium.

May be time has change, we are more greedy for money.. People from different cities and provinces would work together and speak their national language Urdu. There were hundreds of masterpieces, that was such a great age, missing each n every moment of that It changed the way production-design was handled in Pakistani dramas. This page was last edited on 6 February , at Best days of my Life.

When these type of dramas will be made again. So to assuage viewers, [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] the channel has aired many notable Pakistani television shows such as: Pkistan drama have been always strong in every part.

Waris ptv drama episode 9

Moreover, previously taboo themes such as divorce, sexual abuse, and racism are now beginning to appear. Angar Wadi should have been in this list. I was told that PTV does not even have print of the original version and it had to be re-shot with different cast to re-telecast.

Pakistani drama television series Pakistan Television Corporation shows Urdu-language television programs Pashto-language television programs Sindhi-language television programs Balochi-language television programs Kashmiri-language television programs. Both Aahgosh and Pakistan need a paradigm shift to move from covert warfare to strategic realism. All listed dramas are worth review much more than any drama of today but, drzma Bravo Charlie” is the Titanic of all dramas ever played on Pakistani TV’s.


Aagosh Classical PTV Drama Serial – Part 9/12 – video dailymotion

Some commentors are questioning “Ainak wala jin”, it definitely belong in the list. If the PM was focused on the wrong questions earlier, his approach to UFG is focusing on the wrong answer.

I still watch them at least once very six months, thanks to YouTube. Reading about the old dramas makes you nostalgic. Different genres apply to these two types, from romantic comedies and action series to fusion science fiction dramas. Ainak wala jin was popular – i personally wouldnt term it a classic though.

This is epiosde of the oldest and greatest dramas in the history of Pakistani television. No 2 for me was Kudha ki basti. Undoubtedly all above drama serials are real gem of Pakistani TV history Iqra AzizFarhan Saeed. However, kissing on screen is still considered unacceptable for Pakistani TV.

It will be interesting to see viewers from Lahore, Rawalpindi, Peshawar or Quetta put episose their top 10 and rank them The one missing ‘ Dhoond’, with handsome Mahmood Masood. Best days of my Life. Updated February 24, Dam fund disappointment The entire episode serves as a warning for leaders of institutions to avoid overstepping their domain. The list of Pakistani top dramas will be incomplete with out Ashfaq Ahmed’s classic dramas!

Prime Minister Khan responds to Modi. Initially it ran for half an hour which was converted into one hour due to public demand.

Calling it lightweight stuff tells me you were probably never good at watching any of them. A lifeline called Zindagi”. I believe our past dramas were aafhosh ahead of pgv times and very modern compared to our now dramas and their mazloom aurat themes, the only drama standing out right now is Sadqay Tumharay and even that shows exactly how village life is in Pakistan. A true masterpiece written by the comedy king Kh.


No Iphones, no ipads, Rs. Equally liked in India. No rat race of rating, artist worked for the sake of art. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Superb acting, superb dialogues.

Why there is no mention of “Jhok Siyal”. Family and other social and moral values shown in these dramas were actually part of our society which are extinct now. Just wondering how many of the top 10 dramas are from the black ‘Zia’ era. What about Angan Tehra, Karawan and Jangloos?

OSTs help to heighten a situation, accentuate a mood, provide relief, or serve as background to an interior monologue. Muhabbat Subh Ka Sitara Hai. So nostalgic to go through that list of dramas. Dewarain, jungle, jangloss, shama, kiran kahani, shahzori, andhera ujala sure the list is endless. Thank you for sharing such wonderful dramas information. Much better than the nonsense we get to see now in general! May be time has change, we are more greedy for money.

Is there any way to bring back those good old times? That song from Niyara Noor! Even today if you make a dtama serial it 99 be definitely accepted by people, a good eg is Zindagi Khwab na thi. Naye Silsilay was an utter disappointment and should not have gone through to ruin the original. What a golden time when women were actually depicted as educated, ambitious, independent individuals and not perpetually crying over a man.

Mar 13, Anyway, they all are classics.