Guidelines Upcoming Special Issues. That was the case that it is a famous quote in common about PTV previous drama of s. Our drama of PTV in 21 st century largely present the stories of elite class and middle class stories while the s drama have all the subsets of life belongs to all classes of society like upper, middle and lower class. The dramas which get fame in these days get only because of glamour not the storyline. They are mostly inspired by star plus in adopting fashion. Pakistan television drama is studied in Pakistan with various dimensions. In this research, content analysis has been selected to examine the current events and past events, for which content analysis technique is best suited.

One group said that it is good for entertainment while the other group were lapsed viewer who said that its programs are not so surprising and thought provoking to captivate attention of audience. Drama serial waris has Drama serial sawan was without any moral or any purpose to contribute for the betterment of society. In drama serial bint-eadam, Impressive programming for children and neutral contents are produced on Pakistan television. PTV drama contents give dominance to the official persons. Does the access in infrastructure resulted 21 st century drama modernized, westernized, glamorous or civilized? People want to watch star plus.

We are destroying our culture and language without which we cannot preserve our identity.

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It is followed by story which ends in last episodes. Dramas of PTV give awareness about the social and political topics and educate. Market cannot distinguish between costumers on the bases of birth. Pakistan television played Nor Jahan songs and drama based on patriotism on defense day and other national days. How PTV is responding to that situation.

Drama entertainment in Pakistan is the major element of broadcasting bbinte played a revolutionary role in education, building of social institutions and giving awareness regarding health and social norms etc through Pakistan television. Story was very beautifully interwoven by clustering all the sects of life.


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The period of study is defined in two phases. The categories are applied on one episode of Pakistan television drama.

Findings of content analysis present that Pakistan television drama is losing its credibility for which it was known in the past. Content analysis is a method of studying objectives and quantitative manner for the purpose of measuring variables. Pak-indo joint collaboration also effects the drama production of war time which was based on national enthusiasm. Drama writers are writing diverse topics. The creeping cycle theory of desensitization explains that media practitioners made changes to get profit and to survive financially.

If people do not watch the contents that are presented than content will be changed. In drama serial epislde, 4. In drama serial bint-eadam, Pakistan television drama waris which was telecasted in early s has People want to watch star plus.

Pakistani private channels present dramas that are following foreign dressing style and culture as well.

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Pakistani drama is the medium that plays a continuous role on national days to arise the emotions of nationalism in audience. PTV tends to support the establishment and consensual values. Drama serial sawan which was telecasted in early 21 st century The study approached two groups. The differences of ratio between these two intervals were not so high.

wpisode There are some of the factors which always remain there in Pakistan television drama for; the formation of drama and liked or disliked by the audience. The drama of s was based on social issue which contributes with social evil and tries to eliminate the social problem from community.

A new form of programming was started in the television. There are many reasons which caused this change but one thing obvious is change that occurs in dressing style of males in PTV drama.


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Pakistan television drama is studied in Pakistan with various dimensions. Ayesha in presents the view that viewer ship of Star plus, Sony, and Colors is so high and among them star plus viewer ship is increasing day by day.

The inquiry in this research is about to find out the drama characteristics of s and 21 st century drama of Pakistan television. Whether the outward appearance of character in dressing and jewelry in 21 st century drama is more modern than PTV drama of s? Third factor was new way of making profit through the newspaper by making advertising vast in the newspaper.

This inquiry is to find out that to what extent these are different from the renowned elements of Pakistan epiisode s drama and Pakistan television’s 21 st century drama? Symbolically, Pakistan television punished the deviant groups in its fictional and information contents.

All these dimensions are linked with the arrival of cable and satellite television. These are private channels which are been known after the emergence of satellite television and cable television. This localization has affect our way of living, life style, language, lakes socialization, negative image of women and behaviors by presentation of media products by our neighbor country.

In drama serial ankahi, 1. Or to give audience color of everyday life. In drama serial bint-e-adam, 3. And why episodf people lapse after supporting the station for years? Drama serial ankahi which was telecasted in has