Bidaai S1E36 Episode 1. Bidaai S1E1 Episode 1. Bidaai S1E18 Episode 1. Log In Welcome, Login to your account. Bidaai S1E68 Episode 1. Bidaai S1E63 Episode 1. Bidaai S1E12 Episode 1. Bidaai S1E56 Episode 1.

Rishton Se Badi Pratha Bidaai S1E45 Episode 1. Bidaai S1E77 Episode 1. Bidaai S1E35 Episode 1. Divya and sarita chat happily, about how situations seemed impossible, but all are happy that everything turned out well. Bidaai S1E49 Episode 1. Audible Download Audio Books.

Bidaai S1E62 Episode 1. Welcome, Login to your account. Bidaai S1E45 Episode 1. Uttaran 7th October Written Episode Update. Bidaai S1E44 Episode 1. Bidaai S1E14 Episode 1. Bidaai S1E38 Episode 1. Sarita changes and goes to the bedroom. When he punqr talking, she is tensed, and asks whats her fault.

Abhi is very happy to see her, and asks where did she go, as both of them went away. Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi Bidaai S1E63 Episode 1. Bidaai S1E90 Episode umeee. She also lies down on the bed, and gazing at him, dozes off to sleep, while placing her hand on his.

The sisters vicah dress up divya, and congratulate her on her luck to be with the one who she loves. She confirms with him that she won,this bet as he caught her. Like 0 Dislike dk. Bidaai S1E79 Episode 1.


Bidaai S1E10 Episode 1. Bidaai S1E74 Episode 1. He takes out a rose from a vase, and giving it to her, says that raj and divya are finally married, and he finally got his wife, but his first wife would be alone now, right. Bidaai S1E2 Episode 1. Bidaai S1E8 Episode 1. Divya promises, and asks her to be on time tomorrow, as she would be waiting. There was an error trying to load your ‘seen’ titles.

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Bidaai S1E76 Episode 1. Abhi reminds that they are late, and on top of that, they are fighting again. Bidaai S1E20 Episode 1.

The sisters ask them teasingly where had they gone, and did they get tired by their teasing. She leaves with abhi to have food. Bidaai S1E71 Episode 1. She smiles looking at him. Bidaai S1E26 Episode 1. Bidaai S1E40 Episode 1.

Bidaai S1E46 Episode 1. Bidaai S1E93 Episode 1.

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She says that sarita made the impossible happen, and says that she even put her own marriage at stake epiosde save hers. Log In Welcome, Login to your account.


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Sarita tells him that he is her life, and she cant live without him and his father. Saritha says he is settign bad example for abhi by doing that and says he punarr the boss and everyone is scared of in office, so he can be late and no one will leave meeting. Bidaai S1E65 Episode 1.

Bidaai S1E51 Episode 1.

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She goes to meet raj and places a lot of conditions and says to save money so that they can settle in Sweden. Bidaai S1E15 Episode 1. Bidaai S1E48 Episode 1.

Bidaai S1E61 Episode 1.