Kim Yushin and Deokman hide on a mountain where numerous villagers have died because of a plague. Notify me of new posts via email. A sum total of many heterogeneous things taken together. His insecurity is now out in the open and, despite words from Deokman that should have reassured him, first Chun Chu and then Yum-Jong shake his confidence that Deokman loves him. Seok Bum confirms that they use a lure to make them think that it was Princess Deok Man. About Me sapphire blu Don’t let the past take away our present. Had he done so, they could have recovered the map with less destruction and he could have grown by taking responsibility.

I like how unlikeable they made her to be, she so ruthless and she doesn’t have any regrets. So Deokman has to become queen and then die of a broken heart. Queen Seon Deok replies if he does address her by name, it will be considered high treason, even if it is done that he does address her name out of devotion for her, the world will considered this as treason. Apakah marga Kim pasti dari keturunan gaya? I think, she is very noticeable and you rather hate or like her. The script anyhow plot. After going through the records of her birth and finding out about the ancient Silla prophecy, Princess Cheonmyeong is shocked to find that she has a twin and that it could possibly be Deokman. Meanwhile, Princess Cheonmyeong leaves the palace to become a Buddhist monk.

Then there’s the fact that I don’t really care for romance being the central point in sageuks. He also says that he has forgiven Daenambo for killing his mother. Unfortunately, their plans are advancing fast and they bring matters to a head with the arrival of a message by boat and then, when an opportunity presents itself, almost kill Chun Chu.

Mishil and Lord Seolwon fabricate a treasonous plot involving Lord Kim Seohyeon and Munno; they use it as an excuse episore send soldiers to take over Manno County. The mysterious young man is Bidam, the abandoned son of Mishil and deposed King Jinji. Young Deok Man is confuse with the many suggested locations that Moon Noh whereabouts might be founded.


Because the sword of a warrior was believed to be his soul, this occurrence so frightened the Chinese general that he immediately apologised to the Silla officers.

Episoode Seolwon tells Kim Yushin that all suspicions about his allegiance will be set aside if he betrays the leaders of the Gaya Restoration Movement. Deokman finally finds out that the monk whom she has been secretly meeting all these years is Princess Cheonmyeong.

Kim Yu Shin disagrees. Im Jong orders the gate to be opens once he vanquish the enemy. His father was a seonggol, who married a jingol wife so that his son would not be a seonggol and suffer from the fight for the throne.

I was completely surprised. He remained natural in his reactions to her.

Kim Yu Shin shakes his head not to take another step further. Mishil and her simmary escape from the palace and head towards the impregnable Daeya Fortress.

The Great Queen Seondeok Episode 29

Deokman shows her innate leadership as she rallies her fellow soldiers. His master is none other than Munno himself. Ha Jong asked whether is that really a star rising at yonder.

Seok Bum sueen the fact. Bi Dam said not to send as this is a badgering tactics that they are executing in their strategies.

Wyol Ya said that the application diversion summxry make be just a trick. Ha Jong laughs that the gathering of forces are all heading towards their faction that they has all rushes towards Seorabeol. Bi Dam said on the contrary that this is a signal……a military signal. Kim Yushin advises Princess Cheonmyeong to delay in telling Deokman who she really is and, for the meantime, to order her episodr stay at a mountain hideout.


As more Hwarang officers and trainees arrive to join the fight, Kim Yushin, Bidam, and Deokman escape. Despite finding out that Mishil is dead, Chilsuk refuses to surrender. Wyol ya then managed to subdue Seon Yeol. Mi Saeng reminds her sister stand down.

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The Great Queen Seondeok Episode 29

Episodes Episode 51 recap: Episode 50 Episode 49 recap: Lord Jujin asked what Sueulbu is episdoe to reply to the nobility. So may villain characters are done in certain way, when actors playing them distance themselves from their characters.

At that moment a star falls from the sky. Link Reply Thread Hide 3 comments Show 3 comments. She seem to have liked Yushin, but Alcheon was so heartbroken after her death that I absolutely made it up in my mind that he loved her.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Episode 4 Episode 3 recap: Thank you for dropping by. Blogger Templates created by Deluxe Templates. Deokman reunites with Jukbang, Godo, and the other Hwarang trainees.

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Yemjeong also claims that Mishil has decided to make Chunchu as the next king.