Most anticipated – Bollywood Ends up looking and acting constipated. The release date of the film was further postponed to 21 March But after the back story it is like “baath kuch nahin jammi yaroon” which haunts you at the back of your mind. If you are one of those, chances are that you may feel a bit titillated in some scenes. She loved her son more than her daughters since she had conceived him after much difficulty and praying. If some thing really is watchable then its climax, but its also copied from Hollywood hit horrors exorcist and conjuring which released in last year You can give a miss to this movie if you enjoy horror genre since no horror.

Maddy as Karan Mehra Karan Taluja Certain questions are unanswered in the movie. Parvin Dabas plays one such sleazy director, who comes up with this brilliant idea of shooting a movie based on the plot of the first movie, at the same spooky house. The horror shown is hardly scary. At the end of the movie a rocking chair is shown rocking back and forth and a child’s voice is heard, signifying that there is still a ghost in the house. External audio Audio Jukebox on YouTube.

He casts a Bollywood actress in his film to play the lead, Ragini.

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Movie Review by Yunus Irshad https: There is even a dialog in the movie stating this aspiration. Yo Yo Honey Singh. But an engaging screenplay only cant make a film really good,,the horror quotient was less,,and you will not get scared much unless you are really afraid of ghosts Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor, should be given a pat on the back for backing a movie like this and taking Indian cinema to a new height—wish they concentrated on the plot though-which minus the amazing screenplay is something which a kindergarten kid could dream of to scare his peers.

The film is a sequel to the horror movie Ragini MMS. Starting off with that seductive song, the film talks about a film crew who attempt to make a film on the prequel Ragini MMS. Most Anticipated Indian Movies and Shows. Dutta, Monali and Satya attempt to drive the ghost out of Sunny, Monali gets killed. The protagonist, played by Sunny Leone, shows off quite possibly everything in ragimi, which, definitely, will work big time with the masses. She loved her son more than her daughters since she had conceived him after much difficulty and praying.


Edit Storyline The film revolves around a haunted house where an infamous MMS is shot on a girl called Ragini which goes viral. Returning tagini home they continue with their lives. I don’t know whatever happened to Parvis Dabbas, but involving certain faces that are synonymous to wooden expressions just is the best spoiling factor of the film.

A lesbian act involving Sandhya Mridul is thrown in without any purpose post the interval and then Sunny takes off all her clothes deep inside a lake seducing a lusty man to jump inside.

The second song “Chaar Botal Vodka” featuring Sunny Leone along with Honey Singh was also a great success receiving more than 5 million views in 5 days. Very very predictable, no novelty.

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You have ample scary moments, the movie scares you and you also hear an occasional nervous giggle from the audience. Too many inspirations from foreign movies. Related News First look: Later, the cast and crew arrive at the haunted house to shoot and strange things begin to happen, especially to Sunny. The movie was not launched in Pakistan because the authorities there believed that it violated the viewership laws of Pakistan as it contained a lot of adult content.

Tanveer Bookwala story and screenplayIshita Moitra dialogue. Mumbai Mumbai search close.

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Anita Hassanandini’s death sequence 4. LEAST pretend you’re serious for the genre. Thugs Of Hindostan 2. Sunny’s fake orgasm scene 6. At the end of the movie a rocking chair is shown rocking back ragino forth and a child’s voice is heard, signifying that there is still a ghost in the house.


This is also leading to fusion of genres. The camera-footage films was popularized by Hollywood film Paranormal Activity which was later utilized in Ragini MMS, touted to be the India’s first film to do it.

As far as her performance is concerned, she is strictly okay. The woman surely knows how to act. At best, the film seems like mogie spoof. They can’t even copy a Hollywood movie properly.

The film was a sms2 commercial success, being declared a hit at the box office. Want to Make a Cult Classic? Divya Dutta is efficient. Parvin Dabas is gloriously over-the-top. Ajay Devgn speaks about daughter Nysa’s moie sense. There were some frightnening images to fear kids and sensitive viewers but no substance to fear others unless you’re easily scared.

Dutta leave the house, having exorcised the ghost and solving the mystery behind the haunting. Sunny looks hot in the movie but her performance is not great. If you want scary entertainment, you can watch a good and real horror movie, if you want sexual thrill, you can watch explicit porn of Sunny Leone.

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Surely, not when she is thrusting out her assets at the slightest instance, and indulging in sex in the lake, in the bedroom, in the bathroom, and in the rain. The makers thought the louder and the more jarring the sound, the more scared the audience would be. Sunny Leone displaying her assets you must know what i meanwalking half-naked at nights, baby doll song etc added some sensuality to the movie. Watch now on “UnMade”.