Foster hosts a dinner party at her Malibu home with all the ladies invited. The housewives enjoy their vacation in Paris by shopping, visiting tourist attractions and jogging the streets. Prior to meeting Kyle, Resnick was born in North Carolina , where she began her career as a model. Kim invites everyone but Kyle to Las Vegas for her son’s birthday. The night goes well until Maloof turns up on the eve of her marriage separation and Vanderpump doesn’t run to her aid to console her. It also focuses on the staff’s relationships and personal lives.

Lisa gets ready to renew her vows after thirty years of marriage but tensions rise once Faye starts a verbal argument with Lisa, which leads to all the ladies getting involved. Missing footage from the reunion includes the housewives discussing Faye’s actions. Retrieved March 12, Retrieved September 4, Zanuck is the wife of Dean Zanuck , the producer most notable for producing the feature films, Road to Perdition and Get Low. Kyle and Kim are concerned with Taylor abusing alcohol. They discuss the fact that Shay had ruined her marriage and Glanville doesn’t believe she has the right to feel sad. Zanuck is a Beverly Hills native and grew up having a fascination with high-end properties.

Kim hires a psychic which tells her there are ghosts within her home, and Brandi invites the group for a trip to Las Vegas. This page was last edited on 11 Februaryat Adrienne and Paul’s shocking divorce allegations are thrown into the conversation.

Kim hosts a party at her home to showcase her new nose. Resnick joined the series after appearing previously is season two as a friend of Kyle Richards. Retrieved March 6, Adrienne and Paul decide whether or not to sue Brandi for the hurtful things she’s said.


On May 2,the renewal of season three of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was revealed when Camille Grammer revealed that she would be returning to the series in some capacity. Vanderpump also has concerns of her own wit her husband going into surgery. Kim’s life coach signals for Kim to take the first step and reach out to Kyle in order to improve their bond. Resnick soon owned many homes across Europe and the United States and moved back to the U.

Kim starts to act strange, which raises questions. Kyle hosts a birthday party for her daughter, which turns out to be a big carnival adventure while Kyle’s and Adrienne’s husbands support a charity and walk a mile in high heels.

Foster was born and raised in Papendrechta small farming seasom in Hollandwhere she learned about hard work from taking part in the farming life by riding horses and milking cows. Down and Left Out in Beverly Hills”.

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Taylor feels the need to rid the negative energy in her home by having a psychic cleanse her home, and Taylor is also forced to give up certain items after a lawsuit goes through.

Lisa and Kyle’s friendship is brought up and things get heated when Brandi, Yolanda and Kim give their input on the matter. Yolanda defends Brandi calling Faye “pathetic. Shortly after an argument Glanville can’t handle the lies and leaves the party.

In Los AngelesResnick had gained a lot of notoriety during the murder trial of her friend Nicole Brown Simpson who allegedly had been murdered by her ex-husband O. With her new marriage, Foster juggles the blended family of her own children plus five stepdaughters. Retrieved February 26, Retrieved August 29, Yolanda confronts Taylor again about things that Taylor has been saying about she and her husband leading to a showdown between the two at Kyle’s boutique opening.


When the couple isn’t working, they’re raising their son Jack, hillz, and daughter Darryl, 7.

Kyle celebrates after her daughter graduates from sixth grade. The family is also known for Dean’s grandfather, Darryl Zanuckbeing one of the founders of the studio Twentieth Century-Fox as well as winning three Academy Awards.

Foster’s husband hosts an after diner sing-a-long, but Armstrong is annoyed that he won’t allow the ladies to participate and velishows has issues with the choice of music.

Zanuck is also introduced as a friend of Kyle Richards, housewivez the two met when Zanuck joined Hilton and Hyland real estate agency, where Kyle’s husband Mauricio Umansky used to work. News of their separation begins to circulate.

Lisa invites the group over for a food sampling at SUR and tension rises as Brandi announces personal information regarding Adrienne.

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Taylor erupts in a meltdown, which is directed at Adrienne. The Private Diary of a Life Interrupted. Views Read Edit View history. Episodes Season 1 2 3 4 5. Kim and her other sister, Kathy Hiltonhelp prepare for Kim’s daughter’s prom.