Also included are three movies which he directed for international television stations: Mounir Bissat Factories , Lebanon. And only one taxi-driver — Tony — will take her to what is now the decimated South. Nihna Wil Amar Jeeran 3. No salt and no sugar added. Wheat flour paste, with butter ghee, eggs, baking powder, vanilla covered with sesame seeds. Patricius and Leo 1’15” 3. Castania Nuts, Lebanon Roasted macadamia nuts.

Manger Juste by Sabine Mazloum. Ya Hilou Ya Qamar 5. Bravo album Mike Massy returns to the music scene with a 9th studio album, ‘Bravo’, written, composed and produced by Massy himself. Order your Carmen Chammas book. This popular vegan version of kebbeh, which does away with fresh minced lamb, was initially created for lent. Manakeesh Cocktail Small Pieces Brand: While Yasmine’s vocals are definitely connected to traditions of Arabic music to which she takes an unconventional and fresh approach , the structures and arrangements of the songs are very remote from its codes, and take in elements from contemporary Western electronic, pop and folk music. Sahaaratna el- Bassamat 3.

Hboubna, Lebanon Meat Chawarma spice. Arabic Lebanese and some French. Barbara Massaad’s second publication, ‘Mouneh: Hboubna, Lebanon Traditional armenian soujouk spices. Beirut Cooks by Pascale Habis What differentiates Beirut Cooks from any other cookbook is the wide variety of people it features: With Nasri Chams Eddine.


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War on War by Maroun Baghdadi. Lawz Nechef Dried Almonds Brand: These mothers who raised a same people, walking straight towards death. Queen and Ayach 30″ 6.

Ya Gheym el-Sayf 9. Bil Fanajin Nawal Kikk and the group 4’35” 3. Hassaan Wel Malek Brand: Inside the Street Corner Bakery – Mouneh: Sait-on que le piment de Cayenne est un aliment anti-reflux?

Regwrder Ma Baddo Baddi Weight: Lebanese coffee without cardamom in 20 packs of g each. Bema Enno 3-Magida El Roumi: Ideal for cocktails, ceremonies, etc. From the fattouch, hommos, moutabbal, quinoa salad,Greek salad, exotic salad, passing through the quiche Lorraine, salmon quiche, spinach quiche ending with the siyadieh, Kebbe bisayniyeh, leg of lamb, paella and much more.

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Khebz Abiad White Lebanese Bread. Yislam Lina Loubnan Sabah Bi Ntizar el Kitar 4. Al Layl wal Qandil Night and Lantern. For breakfast and dessert.

flm It draws an intimate portrait of young idealists who dreamed of establishing a republic based on justice and egalitarianism in the first chapter of the civil war. Hboubna, Lebanon Ground sweet pepper.

Delicious with lamb, lahm bajine and sfiha. The title of the series, ‘The Rebellious Angel’ really expresses the two facets of this philosophy.


Delicious, yet light Baklawa. Overuse of vowels and punctuation marks, grammar rules violation in three languages, a keen penchant for squirrels and a weak spot for vodka, the author turns into the Dalai Lamia, Lamiartine, Lamiv Montemps, Hatcheprout or Edith Piouf, while taking us to Canada, Lebanon and everywhere else in a joyous whirlwind of love and humor. Reddi Mandeelik Reddi Hboubna, Lebanon White fine hulled grain, groats.

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Malban Pistachio Pistachio Confectionery Brand: Castania Nuts, Lebanon Roasted macadamia nuts. From the “My Creation” line.

Land of Honey and Incense. Wheat flour paste, with butter ghee, eggs, baking powder, vanilla covered with sesame seeds. A Tribute to Kamal Jumblat by Maroun Baghdadi A transparent look at the life of regarfer leader Kamal Jumblatt in a film filled with emotion. Teeri Ya Tayara Deebo Kho’l Askar Antoine Kerbage 1’19” It is a valuable guide to the incredible diversity of Lebanese cookery.

Piano Volumes I and II. Oriental sweets made with semolina, butter ghee, milk, sugar syrup and pine nuts.