Isn’t making me suffer enough? Well guess what kid. Now time to distract the assassin. I’ve done stuff that are gazillions of times bigger. Now to try and contact him once more even though my other attempts today have failed miserably. It seems like it will be a good idea.

There was a river and an old path. Grayson beams at me proudly. The day Grayson taught me how to fight and no longer be that scared little kid I was when I fell into the void… Grayson and I walked into one of the Three Biomes silently. I stayed up past midnight my time just to post for you guys. What, do you think that I will give that up? He averted his eyes towards his feet. Soon, you won’t be able to protect those dreaded ‘friends’ of yours any longer. Back in Ruby Shire, he actually would beat up bullies if he catches them in the act of torturing a smaller kid.

A large explosion sound filled the air in His rage as He retook control over my body. Unless if you fight me.

I have finally grown up. It was on that day that I felt like how I did before…before…before… I tried to find something else before I get into painful memories. He watched them from a small distance as they ransacked old buildings. It was an rejectedxhotgun battle for control. It is called Sunken Treasure.

All it took was a few moments. I will try my hardest to fight Him. Eventually, we dragged ourselves out of rejectecshotgun water, epsiode to continue trying to catch something. Just for the record, I had the idea that the headaches were Armen or someone trying to talk to him. The mist sped towards him, and it entered through his left eye. He was shocked that I could answer Him so quickly, perhaps even at all. He seemed to take my idea.


The Haunted One-Shots Chapter 4: The Fight For Control, a minecraft fanfic | FanFiction

Searing pain erupted in my forehead. I now know what He is doing, when He is doing it, and where it is happening. Drake was finally awake from that wound. I saw the houses that were haunnting long before this. Drake started speaking about how this must be a dream. I waited for the moment where He would least suspect it to make my move, then I struck.

Time after time escape my wrath. For a moment, it was just standing still, breathing slowly as I took in my surroundings.

I looked into Drake’s mind and suddenly got an idea. I have seen it in His thoughts, and Drake needs to protect it until they can destroy it.

Go watch the videos up on YouTube, and thank you for your time. Hope you seriously liked this: Suddenly, He dragged my body to the Keep. Honestly, your mind must be going.

Several hours later Several hours remectedshotgun, just before the first rays of dawn started to shine, He finished his ‘job. Cultist have taken it over, and now they were digging, and I had a horrible feeling I knew what it was.


Stolen Gravestone

He chases them over the bridges they arrived on and through several caves. This was not good. My Fractured Soul 9.

They recognized it but didn’t place any memories. Too bad that can’t help you escape me. They got on top of the broken bridge with a little hassle and started their journey. Herobrine took over my body again in disappointment. My favorite scene was the conversation after Armen prevented Him from attacking Grayson. I rrejectedshotgun control with some struggle. He then walked back and placed the sword on a shelf as if nothing happened a few minutes ago.

Of course I want that, Collin. He then proceeded to destroy Fortuna with me helplessly being his puppet. It was time that I seriously handle problems with my own hands. My gut feeling is telling me to fight back, but I epsiode know why.

Surely he remembers this place. I will fight you. Actually, it kinda makes sense considering the end of the Haunting 3. I included a tiny segment about that.