And that time that L said his most memorable fan in Japan was a married man who went to all of their events because he thought it was very nice of the man to come see him I think the man even told him “I love you, L”. Make sure you pay attention to your real surroundings. Shi-won walks out of her bedroom in the morning wearing her own Guess! Sung-jae half-assedly shows Hak-chan around, and then leaves him standing in the middle of the hallway with his milk crate while he runs an errand. Cut to a month later, where Joon-hee and Sung-jae watch, as Yoon-jae does cartwheels around the field, in nothing but his tighty whities. A couple of notes:

Episodes by odilettante. Or i used to break that little black square because apparently you can’t record something else on that tape once you took away that thing! FYI, the writer for this drama was born in , which means she is really writing about the time of her youth. Competition in his older, nicer brother is going to complicate things in a big way. Rovi August 10, at Oh, the delicate nature fangirl politics.

Recap: “Answer Me 1997” Episode 1

Dad characteristically rants, saying that Shi-won wears her head on her shoulders as decoration. But, this drama is good! Not even the people who feed, clothe, and house you. He says oldies are the best, and Shi-won lights up.

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Shi-won calls to hear the announcement that H. I’m so happy you’re recapping this! Your email address will not be published. He looks to see if there are any new ones this year, and sees that all the coupons have a theme: She sits on her floor sobbing, episodr to tape all the pieces together.


Recap: “Answer Me ” Episode 1 | Scattered Joonni

But the attention dramaolad makes him even more awkward, and when Shi-won puts her hand out for a shake, he closes his eyes dramlaoad reaches blindly behind him like a crazy person, shaking at nothing wildly.

Yoo-jung arrives behind her, with a panicked expression on her face. I have to note that for someone who spent her childhood a long, long time ago in the region where this show is based, it is such an amazing thing to hear almost the whole cast speak in such authentic Gyeongsang-do accent. I totally cried when the team broke up.

Shi-Won, on the other hand, is having the time of her life answering every trivia question about Tony Ahn at the radio show and winning gift certificates.

Thank you for recapping girlfriday! He wants to meet in the chatroom again. I can proudly say that I grew up with h. Annoyed, Yoon-jae reminds her they were supposed to see that together this weekend. I think Yoon Jae will end up with Shi won after several hiccups. Turns out the exclamation point is more fitting than they know. It’s not in dramafever or viki: Mom slaps Dad upside the head, and everyone gasps.


But whatever you wanna call it, I love it! If you have Chrome or Firefox not sure about IEyou should get adblock!

So you, by your own words, by watching romantic comedies have committed a sexual sin. Cyril B October 26, at 4: Not be angry at him. I think it’s translated from the Chinese subs.

Yoon-jae throws some eye-daggers his way. Shi-Won has the whole choreography down, alternating between crying, screaming, dancing, and singing along.

My teen years were in the early millenium, episide I dramaloaf consider myself a 90s girl. I hope this works out There is something so specific about that as a part of my adolescence. Haven’t you ever squealed at the kiss scenes in Korean dramas F-tard Emjaye?

Rovi August 10, at I wish I can understand what they are saying.

Someone needs to pray for you, 19997 dear. Yoon-jae stays up late that night, listening to another K2 song sent by Angel over and over again, wondering who the hell it is. Thanks for the recap Girlfriday