We all know it’s probably a guy, but still that tiny glimpse to reaffirm that would have been nice. But when it was, man was this show amazingly accurate about the highs and lows of being young. I love the scene with Jun-hee and that red car, we don’t have to know who’s in there just the thought that he has someone and maybe finally he knows his own heart. Also they said, “Ride to the hospital” and that’s the only other person Yoon-jae looks at him in surprise, and they just smile at each other. But considering that Western shows often fail on all counts on the same things, I wouldn’t fault Korea more than the US or Great Britain. However, Yoon Je said he was busy.

My only request is if they do a sequel, pretty pls include the Big Bang, Rain, Se7en etc Can anyone please explain this to me? Aparna September 21, at It was one of the best surprises for a drama ever for me. Thank you so much for recapping! Yoon-jae just stares blankly and completely contradicts her. Episodes by LollyPip. I think it would be actually OCC if he did end up telling Yunjae himself.

I loved the ending to RMPW. I really enjoyed this show as a whole but I felt this final was too chopped up.

I just made this as my first ever favorite, because everytime I watch this, I just feel the warmth and love. And the previous stupid thing where if he can’t get the person he wants he needs to go to the friggin’ beach and try to commit suicide. Back to introducing the doc, where Shi-won arrives to the table with a tray of two extra-whip iced mochas and regular epixode, and Yoon-jae reaches for his, wearing his couple ring.

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Those were the strongest episodes, in a series full of strong episodes. He then asked to talk with her husband.


Also, I think that the wife goofdrama Tae Woong is the female doctor!!! D Without these recaps, I never would have discovered this show, goodrdama that would be a shame, since I think it’s my favourite of this year! In the end it was always the family that really got me—the one that Mom and Dad cobbled together out of the rubble when each of the two core families suffered such massive loss.

Was that supposed to somehow give the viewers an idea of closure for Joon-hee? Add to that their quirky and adorable personalities. Who loves him the same way and PLUS this person drives a red hot sports car!

Why would you say something so scary?

Reply – Episode 17 END English subtitles | Watch online and Download free on FastDrama

And so he never told Yunjae. Give the girl her beer! I am half way through and have ranked this as THE nos. Thats how good they were I felt it was almost as if I watching the show. One of the best this year, and probably the one closest to my heart in goodrama Si Won handed the phone.

Kim Yoonmi September 21, at Joon-hee comes out and Shi-won offers to drop him off on their way.

Did like the last scene though. Plus the whole show made the past seem so tangible without the woe is me I am old now vibes LOL. First show I watched the ending raw because I had to know the ending. The show overall was great, but the way it handled Joon Hee’s character was no where near where I hoped it would be. He leaves and they wonder whose fangirls they are.

I am not comparing but rather just wanted to illuminate what I found missing in the last episode of Answer Me ; something that was within its potential AND I think that is what pricked me the most. And at the end it didn’t make me dream of those larger than life love stories that the drama world is so obsessed with, but the ones that can be happening right next to us, in a street, in a classroom, in any place.


I do like this show’s treatment of LGBT rights I am interested in sparks, a slow burn, and smouldering culmination which come way before any actual physical interaction. Some things never change.

GF didnt mention the connection either, right? Thanks so much for the recaps Gf, though i will let you in on a little secretI couldnt access the show on any of the sites I went to but I could tell it was my kind of drama from your very first recap and I ended just reading the recaps until the end of the show.

Even goovdrama the last two episodes fizzled, this drama just claimed the top spot in my drama list. Hope you guys can support it! This show is really one of my favorites. It kills me to wait for 2 whole days for the subbed episode. Thank you for the recaps: Shi-won and Yoon-jae go to eat, and she orders the exact same way she did when they were in high school—loads of food for her, nothing for him.

Waiting 8weeks for something like is so worth it. He asks who it is, but Yoo-jung just glosses over it.