Archived from the original on October 26, With Victoria in control and David Clarke in the headlines. Meanwhile, Declan discovers a threat to the future of the Stowaway. Daniel calls and distances himself from Emily out of concern that she’ll be harmed for being close to him. After saying he won’t help Jack with his legal issues, Conrad agrees to help in order to improve his public name as he is considering running for public office. After the success of Conrad’s plan to gain Charlotte’s inheritance to help Grayson Global, Victoria has no choice but to let him know she is alive. At Amanda’s grave, Emily runs into someone saying he’s the foster brother of Amanda Clarke and that Amanda burned down his house.

We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your email. They battle and Aiden kills Takeda with a katana. Once Nate Ryan is told, he plans on “taking care of the problem,” so they can continue with developing the docks. Nolan confronts Padma about double crossing him. Emily works on a new strategy to orchestrate a reunion with her father. Now being backed into a corner, Emily Thorne is forced to admit her guilt but first she will have to decide how far she will go before admitting defeat.

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Download home for christmas michael buble. Archived from the original on November 4, Talk about your sophomore slumps. Victoria asks Amanda’s foster brother for help with her charity. Marion had her daughter take the fall for a murder she committed. Geoffrey Pierson as Judge Robert Barnes. She goes into the building to find Jack, and hears a man groaning in the dark.


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And Emily learns the shocking truth about Kara’s actions during her childhood. The Graysons put on a bold showing at their annual Labor Day party. Jack, who agrees to pretend to be dead for the time being, sneaks into the hospital in a stolen uniform without being noticed, and speaks with his brother.

Connor Paolo as Declan Porter. After Victoria is attacked, she takes matters into her own hands, while Emily is forced to come to terms with what she really wants. Jack plays secretly taped conversations in Conrad’s earpiece.

Aiden was going to drzko the man Emily is going after for kidnapping his sister. Jack suffers one misfortune after another, Aiden is blindsided by Kara, and Nolan receives some upsetting news. Nolan’s CFO in is Marco, whom he is also dating. Last we saw Aiden, he had told Emily he was on his way, and had given her the key to a villa where they had spoken of living together, telling her that if she ever wanted to meet him there, she could. Emily finds out erzko Aiden and Nolan hacking the Foundation’s bank account and tries to convince them to stop the transfer, rrevenge.

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Don’t have an account? Nolan suffers the same fate as David Clarke: View All Critic Reviews After that, a blackout strikes the entire Manhattan, which Nolan promptly associates with the Initiative misuse of Carrion. He gets confirmation and then decides seaso play her based on Emily’s advice.

Meanwhile, Emily meets Aiden while on a mission for Takeda.

When Jack returns to visit his brother a second time, he finds the bed empty erzko Nolan in tears, with a video on his phone that Declan had recorded for his brother with his departing words. At rvenge same time, Emily discovers a surprising connection between the white-haired man and her mother.


Dendrie Taylor as Meredith Hayward. More Top Movies Trailers. Eli donates all of the money from Emily to the Amanda Clarke foundation, and plans to stick around for a while.

The Initiative continue to investigate the disappearance of Helen. Charlotte has just told Daniel that she is pregnant, Conrad is getting his campaign ready for victory, and Victoria is at the Stowaway with Jack Carl is said to be out of town with his grandmother.

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Nolan hatches a plan to help a friend. Clare Carey as Patricia Barnes. Emily makes it out, but Amanda gets hurt in the explosion. While Nate is shooting through the door to get out, he shoots Jack. Declan insists he is fine, although he will need heart surgery, so he cannot leave.

Maya Goodwin as Guard.

Doing this exposes the Falcon’s computer to be hacked by Nolan; he steals the Falcon’s information and he has the FBI arrest her for hacking. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist zeason rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Retrieved April 30,