Both she and her husband are intelligent, thoughtful parents but were unable to see what was really going on until the situation escalated. The girl had her family to watch over her in the sense that they were aware of when her phone was going off, could tell she was distant with her friends, but was still accountable for her well-being. I think it is important to expose this important issue and in the most serious manner which maybe could even save a life and the Lifetime channel would seem to be the perfect place for a TV film like this. The characters have been stretched from real life people towards easily recognizable stereotypes that create an emotional tension which invites audience participation what would you do? Reviving Ophelia is Lifetime movie trying to convey the dark sides and dangers of relationships. This one should not be dismissed out of hand as it deals with a real social problem and one that requires exposure. Return to top of page.

His family and friends will disown him. The Stenwyck residence will be sold. Honestly, I wish I had seen it when I was younger Keil Carleigh Beverly Elizabeth cousin, is the character in the middle who’s supposed be trying to help Elizabeth get away from Mark but the two unlikable characters are in the way of her character realizing her full potential. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: I know Lifetime movies are bad and I give them a lot of shit and while this one was cheesy at times with bad acting, it would be worthwhile to show it in high school health classes on how to recognize abusive relationships. The cast does have some chemistry though everything is toned down due to this being a TV film.

Reviving “Reviving Ophelia”

I definitely hope I never make the same mistake that Lizzie did, though, and I hope a lot of people won’t, after they see this. Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it?

And this one was pretty sad. The film is right on target when it shows how Mark manipulates Elizabeth, alienating her from her parents Kaczmarek and Peter Outerbridge and her friends. However, she continues to secretly see him. It’s basically the same old story about a guy who saw his mother abused when he was a child and is continuing his ways.


If you want to ugly-cry, become enraged, or do both —then look no further. Meanwhile, the sisters Marie and Le Ann must overcome their past problems so they can work together to save their daughter and niece.

Christopher Franke Edgar Rothermich.

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Sorry, but you don’t treat family like opheliz. But it is Thurston who is the standout as Mark. Then it fades to black, with the ophe,ia For instance, a differing view is that the gods will take allthe good people who worshiped them in mortal life, and leave allthe bad human beings to suffer in horrible storms. His school locker will be emptied same with his bedroom at hishouse too. When they go to Mark’s house during lunchtime so he can give Elizabeth her present, she looks at his picture of him and his mother.

Lost both of his girlfriends to other guys because of copyinghis dad’s abuse, and stalking also.

Reviewing: “Reviving Ophelia”

Beverly and Williams are impressive as the two teenagers. Mark sends her a text message that says she doesn’t deserve to live.

While Elizabeth and Kelli are watching a scary movie at Amy’s house, Mark tracks Elizabeth down via her cellphone GPS and tries to make her leave with him. This is Lifetime at its Lifetimiest. For younger teenagers, there are small parts you might want to skip. Also, her boyfriend is weird looking. Tuning in to the World in Full Color.


I can handle the truth. That night, Mark calls and demands to know why she isn’t answering her phone or text messages.

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Reviving Ophelia follows the lives of two female cousins, Lizzie Elizabeth and Kelli, as they date boys and attend high school. I hope this movie helps to inspire others to stand up for themselves more, and to speak up when they feel that something isn’t right. You are commenting using your Twitter account. She yells for her parents and he bolts out the window as her parents come in. I have no doubt pohelia actually reading aloud signs of an abusive relationship can trigger a light bulb but it seems unrealistic that this was just so easy for the girl to say “yup we’re done when wpoiler meant it for real and here’s the reason why you’re an abuser”.


Split and merge into it. The Ophelia screenwriters did it by focusing on a relationship between two girls, first cousins, and their sister-moms, with the central plot revolving around dating abuse. His mom’s not coming back because of his dad’s abuse.

Elizabeth and Kelli get home and Marie tells them Amy’s mother said it was fine to bring Kelli to scary movie night. No significant nudity is shown, but a mom walks in on her daughter giving a random guy from her English class oral sex. At the end of the happening movie, Elliot and Alma and Jess go into a house made for slaves in the ‘s and Elliot says he can’t not see Alma before they die so he goes outs … ide when its all windy out there and alma goes outside with Jess too.

Then at dinner, Marie and Walter will not let Elizabeth go out that night because she has to study for her chemistry mid-term and they also won’t let her invite Mark over because she is spending too much time with him.

Did Ophelia in the movie reviving ophelia die? Later, Mark sneaks into Elizabeth’s room through a window, Elizabeth tries to ask him about his ex-girlfriend who, according to Kelli, became a “total psycho” after dating Mark; presumably copying his father’s abusehe gets angry and leaves. Review by el 2. Mark get more and more jealous of her male classmate. So why then is Reviving Opehia so cheesy when it’s dealing with a such touchy and important subject?