Comment statements referring to the unused fSkipZip. Missing break coverity This fixes the problem mentionned here: The determination of the sub-mergers is always done dynamically, based on the recent performance of workers. Properly handle scripts with line longer than characters Write the history before executing the line , to be able to recall commands causing crashes.

From Bertrand and me: Do not cache non-http files in TGeoManager:: Begin in case a 3D histogram is requested with option “same” and no 3d view exist. Shift unsigned int as unsigned int , not as signed int. This allows to give a meaning to this variable, for example to related it to one dimension of an integration. Avoid attempting memberwise streaming on buffer type that does not support it This value is also independent of the Tree.

This fixed bug https: Make sure that all TProofOutputFile objects are removed when in epizode mode Declare the new functions AreEqual as inline functions.

e;isode Do not set anymore the ForceLocal option in the packetizer episoed drawing from the created dataset. This was non functional since r Fix a shadowed variable warning Import from the vendor branch new version of ‘xrootd’ root.

Reactivate automatic binning for 2-D histograms This patch fixes the spelling of “function” in the root source code and documentation, which is misspelled sometimes as part of larger “function” -based words at least times: TProofPlayerRemote – In SendSelectoradd missing option kCpBin when sending the selector source; the binary files were never retrieved, even if present and valid Revoif – In Processfix a problem with cache directory locking while building the selector; the net effect was that each worker process was re-buidling its own selector binary.


ReadBasket one must check that fReadEntry in the count branch is the same as the bie in the branch being read. Add comments to specify that missing breaks are intentional Improved editline release notes.

User must call it to remove. C In second tab create four different calorimeter views to demonstrate secondary selection. UnbinnedFit methods Move annotation to front. Update release notes about the new TTree:: In the list of primitives, allow the same function name to be ‘reused’ with a different number of arguments; Fix the search accordingly.

To be IEEE compliant, do not prevent division by zero when the operands are floats or double Save when fitting TH3 Increment statistics readcalls and bytesread in GetWomWeb10 Init var before accessing its value epiode Now returns in that case Nbins Fix error messages in TH Use FastAllcoString instead of static size buffer where possible.

Replace all static char buffers by TString.

ROOT version Development Notes

SendMsg – Optimize the usage of strings in a few places Derivative when function dimension is not one Fix order of routines in file Add CINT7 announcement; mention backward compatibility of developments. Fix SetEntryRange when the Cache learning was manual. Avoid division and multiplication by zero For backward compatibility reasons Getline. Chi2 can be used with the new option “X” – FOption – add some new options for fitting: When a new safety is asked during FindNextBoundary calls, it first checks if the safe sphere around the new point is included in the old one.


When streaming a base class without StreamerNVirtual use an external streamer if it was set.

Contains instead of EndsWith when checking for. Allow “long double” in the type determination for numeric literals.