The Weasley Pack by Mrs. McNally and Diaz make an untimely arrest, which compromises a major heroin bust; Swarek goes undercover posing as the buyer with McNally as his girlfriend, to try and salvage the operation. Draco stumbled forward on disbelieving feet. There’s only the small issue of distance: Gail Peck 74 episodes, Matt Gordon Sam lives, but suffers from severe memory loss. They’ve made it through so much together. Set post 3 x 13 and moving on from my original three chapters.

What happens when he stumbles upon her, and buys her on a whim? Even when he’s already fallen. While tracking down a police car stolen by students as a prank, Andy and Swarek pick up the trail of a teen who robbed and assaulted a local criminal. And what do the nightmares that are plaguing Rose mean? She learned things about their lives they never even told her. A girl he last saw when they were children and who arrives in Denerim for their impending nuptials as eager for it as he is.

Archived from the original on September 3, However upon being caught it is revealed he has vital evidence that helps towards taking down a major drug ring. What does President Snow have planned for her? M Harry Potter – Rated: Price of victory by Weltenmeer reviews Johanna Shepard is the one person to pay the price for saving the galaxy. An ad on craigslist featuring a too-hot-to-be-real guy offering platonic dates in exchange for storytelling is an attractive offer to the nearly-broke Emma-one that she finds unable to refuse.

McNally and Diaz make an untimely arrest, which compromises a major heroin bust; Swarek goes undercover posing as the buyer with McNally as his girlfriend, to try and salvage the operation.

Archived from the original on July 22, There she must adapt to a new life, under a new name, with new friends, but still the same old enemies.

A Thousand Years by Wonder and Ashes reviews Shared dreams between Buffy and Spike lead to knowledge of what happened in the past — and open new doors leading to a potential future together, if they’re able to not make the same mistakes as their ancestors. What will bring them back together after all this time? The Future by mck reviews Set post movie – Veronica Mars can’t wait to have his babies, and now he knows it. Clinging by braveten reviews Just when Martha Jones thought the Doctor was out of her life for good – she was proven wrong.


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Could he be good enough? Anticyclonic by September Severtana reviews Emma is sick of not getting any sort of break at all. Tactical teams arrive at the warehouse and successfully save Swarek, Diaz, and Peck and also take down the drug ring. However upon finding evidence that implicates McNally’s father as the culprit, the officers search for proof of his innocence.

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A group of rookie police officers start their first day. Ten years later they meet again One life in particular Shepard deals with resurrection, love, and something else she never expected.

McNally, Peck and Diaz are tasked as prostitutes in a sting operation. On their wedding day, Andy has her car stolen on her way to the church, while Sam gets an uninvited guest. Emma picks up a part-time job at a local library, and a full-time crush on a local professor researching his next book.

Second Chances by ravenwritingclaw reviews Set after season 3 finale, but we’re going to pretend Elsa didn’t come because I have no idea what the show is going to do with her and I don’t want to mess around with that just yet.

The Complete Second Season. Now she’s back and is coming to realize that he hasn’t waited around for her.

Mostly canon with ‘Changeling’. Friends become enemies, enemies become friends, and Dumbledore is not a leader of justice and light.


Rookie Blue (season 1) – Wikipedia

But when Sam set his heart out on the table, Andy left for six months undercover. Nick is forced to reveal his past after his brother returns.

It is revealed in her most recent shift, McNally had informed a mother of her daughter’s death. An entirely AU version of Emma’s interaction with past!

She doesn’t know why they share a connection, and she doesn’t care. Or will Sam take on his hardest case yet; win back Andy?

Will they give into temptation? Sadly, Cullen and Trevelyan are the last to realize this. Swarek and McNally try to make the deal, but the dealer has other plans and Swarek is rookie to leave to get the heroin from an undisclosed location. Captain Hook is brought before Snow and Charming, and sentenced to death.

Rookie Blue

Picks up after the trio leave grimmland palace. Miracle by lvrofreading reviews The Rookiie Man saved Shepard’s life but he took something more precious from her and she will stop synoopsis nothing to get it back. Both are shackled by their idea of who they are suppose to be and what it means to love. After the corruption scandal at the 15 Division, the squad members are being split up to different divisions and Andy tries to figure out where she stands in Sam’s life.

And will she find love with the person she least suspects? Retrieved July 23, However, when former Death Eater — Theo Nott — is dying, Hermione is guilted into marrying him to save his life. The Weasley Pack by Mrs.