When the pack of four horses carrying dead men draped across the saddles crosses the bridge at the beginning of the movie, the next-to-last dead man is holding his arm up at an angle from where it should be, and he drops his arm at the last second before the camera moves on. Several of the men’s coats were clearly sewn by machine and not by hand. Katharine Hepburn was bemused by co-star John Wayne’s tendency to argue with everybody, especially the director, during filming. It is obvious that the rope didn’t stop the raft and when Rooster cuts the rope it is not taut from the tension of holding the raft but just laying in the water and obviously not holding the raft at all. Wallis, his wife Martha Hyer, and some friends. A 20 question quiz of John Wayne Trivia: The last movie produced by Hal B.

According to Lucky Ned Pepper, who is the Parmelee that is the most “tetched”? What did that shipment consist of? During filming John Wayne was injured teaching his eight-year-old daughter to play golf, but fortunately his eye patch concealed the mark. What was Rooster Cogburn’s real first name? Addresses are not passed on to any third party, and are used solely for direct communication from this site. Neville Brand was considered for a major role. Popular Celebrity Trivia Nicole Johnson.

Which actress first co-starred with Wayne in Rio Grande, and would make a further four films with the actor? Mistakes On their journey, Rooster is bragging about his navy colts, when actually his sidearm is a Colt. Not only this not be likely for time period, it definitely would not socially appropriate for a “spinster” as the character she was portraying is supposed to be. Which film saw Wayne paired with Dean Martin as a Sheriff and his deputy? In one scene as he fires away with the Gatling, the camera angle is from above both the bandits and Cogburn and shows multiple bullets hitting the rocks just around the bandits feet which are on a flat ledge jutting out on the hill and is an obviously impossible spot to hit due to the location of the Gatling gun and the angle of the ledge.


Many critics felt that it was too obviously derived from The African Queen, and that both John Wayne and Katharine Hepburn were too old for their parts. Separate from membershipthis is to get updates about mistakes in recent releases.

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Compiled by Martin Chilton. She was member of the Transcendental Club and regarded as one of the most gifted poets among the Transcendentalists of New England. How I Met Your Mother. In her last scene, Eula pulls the horse away from Rooster and starts turning it toward her left, but when the camera angle changes, she pulls away to her right. The 25th highest grossing film of FamousFix content is contributed and edited by our readers.

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Wallishis wife Martha Hyerand some friends. The language in both films, as in the novel, is fluid, folksy, and lyrical—the way people spoke a hundred years ago. It was eventually given to Stuart Millar. Many critics felt that it was too obviously derived from The African Queenand that both John Wayne and Katharine Hepburn were too old for their parts.

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John Wayne and Katharine Hepburn were, reportedly, very much amused by this. We had a great girl stunt rider for her, but Kate said, ‘She doesn’t sit as straight in the saddle as I do.

John Wayne found making the film to be very difficult, particularly since cogburnn had just finished a grueling shoot on Brannigan and recovered from pneumonia. Several of the men’s coats were clearly sewn by machine and not by hand.

John Wayne was greatly impressed by Katharine Hepburn ‘s wilful nature. Losing a hip has mellowed me, but you! John Waynehowever, had director approval and was still irked at Fleischer for having turned down North to Alaska 15 years previously, and vetoed Fleischer as director.


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Although Jon Lormer plays Katharine Hepburn ‘s father in the film, he was only one year older than Hepburn. He then suggested the character should be made younger and Mary Tyler Moore should be cast, saying he feared audiences would not want to see a movie where both stars were elderly. When Miss Goodnight is reciting the 23rd Psalm she omits “thou anointest my head with oil”. What was the name of the young Native-American boy who accompanied Wayne and Hepburn throughout the movie? The loading gate on the receiver is forward almost to the wooden fore-arm as opposed to a third of the way back on a Winchester.

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Judge Parker returns to his court after the recess but doesn’t feel well. He declined to roooster the movie, claiming he was still ill. At the end of the movie, John Wayne and Katharine Hepburn’s characters got married. What is bothering him? It was eventually given to Stuart Millar.

Frank Review September 15, What was the name of the Chinese man who owned the general store that Rooster lived in the back of? Other people on John Wayne. Everybody knows about “Fill yer hands” and Lucky Ned’s messed up lower lip. During filming John Wayne was greatly dismayed when the Republicans performed very badly in the mid-term elections in November Cogburn” to the stand. Create an account Support the site on Patreon.

What was Rooster Cogburn’s real first name?