After consuming the doctored juice, Madhumati gets dizzy and forgets the dance steps on the stage Tej gets out of his car and meets two of his friends. I have come to solve the misunderstandings from 18 years. Nitika assures her that Gyaan is not hurt and she must be mistaken. Kasthooriman written update, February 19, Tej then says to tell him not to touch his car in future. Disney to bring Broadway shows to India. But soon later she plans to leave the family and go away as she hardly has any time to live.

Never before had there been yours and mine before in the house. Maalti gets to know that she is pregnant and hence the family decides to bring Ganga Devi to stay with them and take care of her. He reveals that Toasty had sent him a letter explaining everything and also about her wish to get Tej and Smiley married. Tej gets his job as a manager in a beauty parlour. Kirti slips into coma, Naksh is shattered. The epi begins with gopi entering the kitchen worried and hetal sees her and asks her why is she so tensed and gopi says nothing and asks for work and hetal tells her to cut the vegetables why dont this girl open her mouth at the right time rashi is peeling potatoes and sees her kangans and touches them lovingly and smiles u people decide whether its love for jigar or kangans.. After finding out that Tej is married she tries to separate Tej and Toasty, but in vain. He makes Toasty think for Tej.

Toasty, who has a ” sasural ” in-laws’ house consisting of seven quirky men, deprived of a ” saas ” mother-in-law. Ved and Nitika Toasty’s friend develop feelings for each other with the moments they share with each other.

Toasty turns to look at him, in disbelief. Watch new soap opera Sevanthi from Monday. Lakshmi Baramma written update, February 19, The Times of India. This page was last edited on 25 Augustat Toasty then finds herself in a family in which there is a Dadaji grandfatherPitaji father and five brothers, Tej being the middle one. Later the Chaturvedis buy a new shop but everything gets upside down when the owner cheats them and the market is sealed. Toasty tells him that she knows Prachin made a mistake and he should be punished and told off, which you did.


She sasura, him to go and talk to his brother. Never before had wwritten been yours and mine before in the house.

Written Updates: Toasty pregnant in Saas bina sasural

He knows when and how to spend and when and how to save. She is an orthodox person, who has great faith in Indian traditions but is very tough and blunt in her approach. The Goddess Laxmi came to us herself. The family also accepts her back. Toasty writren all the misunderstandings and brings back Maalti.

To defeat Madhumati in the dance competition, Manorama mixes liquor in the juice.

Amar leaves the house. Select a City Close. Comedy Circus Indian Idol We serve personalized stories based on the selected city OK.

Preeto 31st January Written update. Prachin goes into 7th heaven seeing Dimple and then realizes she is angry and then the sherni pounces and yells at him for not returning her notes yesterday because of which she wasn’t able to study But the recent generation is to waste money.

Aritten teacher tells her that she is talking about the same Gyaan and Nitika is in shock. Nut the Ladies orders them saying Its not that bad and they have to eat what is served for them by their Bahu. His boss’s daughter, Divya falls in love with Tej. The next morning Nitika comes into the kitchen as Toasty is making yoghurt and sugar for Gyaan. Simar tells Roli that she did something for which she deserves that slap.

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Prachin is upset on two things, one; the accident and two; your reaction. To verify, just follow the link in the message.


Hetal too wonders where did it come from as when she brought the plates they were clean i thought gopi brought plates na? She meets an accident and goes in coma. He tells them about how Pashu and he had writtten disagreement about ssaas car. But Naani Maa makes an Ayurvedic medicine for her and Toasty returns to her family.

Saas Bina Sasural – 6th September Last Episode 2012 part 1

Nitika says to him that he should talk to Tej at least once too about it for condolences. Chandran visits Mamachan’s workshop. Updqte obey her and the Chaturvedis after learning about Toasty’s death break into pieces.

As all the women who came in this family are gone, she has to play the role of a warden for these men. The teacher tells Nitika that the school can wrigten strict action against Gyaan and even rusticate him from the school.

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He did not cause the accident, Prachin did. Jyoti states she will certainly get fresh and light hearted. Rj offers to go along. Daily Bonus runs a special episode. Maalti also informs Pashu. Karthika Sasual written update, February 19, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Soon later Maalti’s baby is born.

Sudha is happy that they are halfway there but doesn’t know how they will accomplish the second half as convincing Tej will be the most difficult feat. TV actress Sandra Amy Prajin shares an interesting post; take a look. Kim Kardashian breaks the internet in the most revealing black outfit till date.