As she dresses up, Shivani recalls Rohit s likes and puts on something he was fond of but Avinash asks her to change at once and wear something he likes! Shivani s elder brother Vijay Raju Kher sings his praises and appreciates his intellect till he finds out that he is in love with his sister! Yet, when Shivani finds her colleague Farida Noorjehan thoroughly absorbed in reading Rohit s interview in a magazine, their days of struggle return in a lengthy flashback. Avinash also meets Rohit after he completes his checkup and is pleasantly surprised to learn from his colleagues that Rohit is an award winning filmmaker of international repute! Vijay and Seema read it too and Seema feels Gayatri is a very fortunate person. Rohit is an amused by their domestic problems precipitated by their game of chess! Sailaab – Episode 15 – Full Episode. Do their fears prove to be true or do Shivani and Rohit live happily ever after with their respective spouses?

In fact, he had prepared his speech to be given on the day he received his first award! Avinash also meets Rohit after he completes his checkup and is pleasantly surprised to learn from his colleagues that Rohit is an award winning filmmaker of international repute! She feels life has been very generous to her and perhaps given her more than she could gather but now she wants to repay her debts. Anyway, Badi Ma has brought Gayatri s favourite Gajar Ka Halwa on the sly and pleads with her to come home occasionally as her parents miss her and aren t in good health! Sailaab – Episode 8 – Full Episode. A distressed Rohit gives her a blank call late that night interrupted by Gayatri who is honest enough to admit she is scared of the name Shivani!

Episode Synopsis Description Episodes More. Inder had then come with a marriage proposal for Shivani and talked at length with Vijay who had approved ssrial Avinash instantly!

A confused Shivani asks her brother if she can marry Rohit but he puts his foot down and serves her an ultimatum-marry Avinash or else Shivani thinks it prudent to follow Raju s diktat and marries Avinash. Shivani is upset with Vicky for lying to her about attending the award function adding that she was thrilled at Rohit s victory! She then confides in her friend Gayatri Prajakti Deshmukh who asks her to follow her heart rather than her head and marry Rohit!


This episode begins like a whirlwind with the sudden arrival of Girish Nag Makrand Deshpande in Shivani s home! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Shivani retreats into a shell ever since Rohit s name is mentioned and this episode ends on a close-up of a troubled Shivani worried sick about Rohit s health. Rohit reveals he has been rejected by another publisher and tells Shivani that he writes from his heart.

Sailaab (TV series)

Shivani s elder brother Vijay Raju Kher loses no opportunity to run down the idealistic and unemlpoyed Rohit, and compare him with Avinash who is extremely wealthy and can provide emotional as well as financial security to Shivani. Vinita asks Aakash if he has noticed a change in Shivani and then answers herself by telling him she is in love with Rohit! Though Ashish tells Shivani that his parents were talking about her romance with Rohit and episoce reacts violently!

Almost on cue, the ice-cream stick falls from his hands and he chucks the snack away! She emphasizes that at this stage in their life, they have several responsibilities, several dependents, they can t afford to overlook. Jodha Akbar Pavitra Rishta.

Sailaab: A realistic tale of love and broken relationships

In college, Vicky confesses to Shivani about his change of heart towards her-he agrees to a platonic relationship but insists on selecting her epiaode Meanwhile, Aakash swallows his pride and goes to meet Gayatri at her office. Flashback reaches a fascinating point as Shivani is haunted by Rohit s poem even the next morning! Sailaab – Episode 7 – Full Episode. At last, Episoode answers Shivani s persistent queries regarding his behaviour, by asking her pointblank if she had met Rohit recently!

Upset, he walks home under the scorching sun when Vicky and Shivani join him. But Rohit is episod the opinion her father merely followed the dictates of his heart as he had always doted on her. Sailaab – Episode 24 – Full Episode. Vicky drops in to meet Shivani and asks her how she adjusts with the prim, proper Avinash after the tempermentally opposite Rohit!

Rohit makes himself at home in Ajay s company flat, and talks about his ambition to become rich and famous! As he tells Gayatri, people by and large shed their false pride at some juncture or other. Girish loses his temper on parents of a little girl who has sustained a fracture in her leg due to their sheer negligence!

Sailaab (Hindi) – 10 Jan, | Watch Full Episode Online | ZEE5 | (Drama)

Past and present intermingle freely to say nothing of frequently as Shivani, Rohit and Gayatri mull over their past and contemplate their future with an intensity that makes their old friends like Vicky Bhushan JeevanNilu Neelofer and Girish Makrand Deshpande nervous and fear a momentous storm brewing!


Zee TV television series Indian television series debuts Indian television series endings. Back home Pinky woders whether Shivani is haappy with Avinash and asks Gayatri for her opinion. But the million dollar question is will Vijay accept him?

Click here to login. It begins with Avinash s resolve to stop working till late at night as he feels he is disturbing Shivani but she counters by asking Avinash seriously if her cantankerous ways don t ever irk him, for after all, they have been married for 5 long years! Soon Rohit enters as Vijay has offered to drop him in his car every morning and save him from the ordeal of travelling by bus.

However, Ravi s man Friday promises to fix something for Rohit and asks him to stay in touch!

In short, he forbids Gayatri from marrying Rohit arguing that she has already done her bit by offering him a shoulder to cry on. Avinash asks her most maturely to let bygones be bygones and tells her he trusts her and loves her!

Her parting jibe that Rohit would empathize with her had he ever suffered a heartbreak like her sets him thinking! Avinash mentions to a visibly distraught Shivani that the frequency of such blank calls seems to have increased of late. But to Gayatri s credit, she stood by Rohit when he was in a most vulnerable phase having just lost his father and still in a fluid stage as far as his career is concerned.

Shivani’s guardian, her older brother, does not approve of their relationship and arranges her marriage with someone else, emotionally blackmailing her to comply. Views Read Edit View history. Impressed by her level-headed attitude, to say nothing of honesty, Avinash forgives her and tells her he loves her very much!