Rohit tie the knot in court with Gayatri on the rebound almost. Ajay insists Rohit take money from him or else he will be hurt. There is a punch to conclude the opening episode-Rohit, now a successful man, is married to none other than Gayatri! Sailaab – Episode 4 – Full Episode. Shortly after reaching office, Shivani gets a call from Rohit and he offers to exchange their bags that got mixed at department store! In short, he forbids Gayatri from marrying Rohit arguing that she has already done her bit by offering him a shoulder to cry on.

Badi Ma and Vinita echo Aakash s sentiments regarding marrying Rohit. Disappointed and despondent, Shivani decides to go to Bangalore! A hurt Rohit promises to hunt her down neverthless! He requests Gayatri to end a war that never really existed and make peace with everyone adding they would go to meet her parents tomorrow. We see her and Rohit during their courtship when Ashish catches them loitering near their home. Avinash turns it down as they are leaving for Bangalore that night but Shivani requests him to cancel their tickets as she is keen to meet all old friends!

A confused Shivani asks her brother if she can marry Rohit but he puts his foot down and serves her an ultimatum-marry Avinash or else Shivani onnline it prudent to follow Raju s diktat and marries Avinash.

This leads Vicky to feel that when the storm strikes this time it will be little short of devastatating for both of them!

Vinita asks Aakash if he has noticed a change in Shivani and then wstch herself by telling him she is in love with Rohit! He drops Rohit at the bus-stop and goes to office.

Where can you watch tv serials online that are in Russian? Shivani surrenders to emotional blackmail by her sister-in-law Seema Nandita Puri and agrees to marry Avinash. It is a traumatic morning for Vijay and Aakash however, as both of them nurse massive hangovers! Starting on a comic note featuring Lnline, Pinky and Gayatri it swiftly changes tracks once Shivani, Rohit and Girish emerge from the restaurant and Girish heads for Rohit s home to meet Gayatri.


Is watching tv online illegal? Existing Premium Users, Click here to login. Ajay Rajesh BathijaRohit s host and friend is Gayatri s colleague and obviously an admirer, comes looking for Rohit and takes him to his home but after Rohit wins in chess with Vijay!

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Vicky invites Rohit for a get-together of old friends at his home but is taken aback when his old pal refuses to come as he wants to avoid Shivani.

Gayatri s parents are hurt that she didn t even inform them over the phone about Rohit s achievement. Sailaab – Episode 1 – Full Episode. Shivani joins him and intuition tells her he is unhappy. Rohit recognizes Vicky and heads towards him to return his gold chain. Rohit Kumar winning a nomination for Best Director makes waves and Avinash reads it aloud for Shivani from a newspaper!

Sailaab (TV series)

Avinash turns it down as they are leaving for Bangalore that serisl but Shivani requests him to cancel their tickets as she is keen to meet all old friends!

He rationalizes that maybe he would have done the same thing had his daughter rebelled against him! We see her and Rohit during their courtship when Ashish catches them loitering near their home. She rings up Gayatri whose home is flooded with bouquets.

Rohit s right-hand man goes to collect his parcel and gathers from Shivani s questions just how close she once was to Rohit as also Gayatri! Meanwhile, Shivani s colleague Vicky Bhooshan confides in his wife Nilu Neelofer that he foresees a storm lurking in Shivani s life as she met Rohit two days ago and he called her yesterday and came to meet her today! Avinash also meets Rohit after he completes his checkup and is pleasantly surprised to learn from his colleagues that Rohit is an award winning filmmaker of international repute!


Sailaab – Episode 3 – Full Episode.

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However, Rohit is not professionally established. Rohit, is an aspiring novelist and writer who soon dicovers how cruel this city of dreams can be. Avinash asks her most maturely to let bygones be bygones and tells her he trusts her and loves her! Rohit is pained to receive a letter and money from his mother in Calcutta who requests him never to lose patience or courage in pursuit of his goal. Soon Rohit enters as Vijay has offered to drop him in his car every morning and save him from the ordeal of travelling by bus.

One of the first questions he asks Shivani is about Rohit and he deliberately keeps her in the dark about Rohit joining them for lunch! Ajay consoles Rohit but asks him to be mentally prepared for more rejections as he has chosen to walk on a tangential track. Returning to the present, Pinky and Rohit want Ashish to join them for an outing! Sailaab – Episode 5 – Full Episode.

However, she changes her tune quickly and advises her to marry Avinash and make Raju happy. Shivani answers that she had but she was caught unaware as Girish had sprung a surprise on her by inviting Rohit for lunch on the sly.