Their true form as Starlights are female. The Flash of the Monster Camera. U can watch up to episode in English dub on YouTube, and you can find the rest with subs if you search google. Please be patient and keep an eye on Facebook or this website for any updates: A bit later maybe. Crusade for the Galaxy:

Star Lights and the Sailor Guardians. And at least a mint since u said u were almost done. Great voices good job. We have uploaded a new samples on our Facebook page, and we are continuously on the backs of the voice actors. The Star Lights’ Past. They have English speakers talking over the Japanese actors and they did an awesome job. Where can you watch full sailor moon episodes for free?

We have only got direct downloads available now: Its been 3 years since the last episode. Id volunteer if I had ejglish experience XD I love raye! Battle of the Flames of Love! Protect the Girls in Love. Art Is an Explosion of Love: Making New Friends And it sounds somewhat like Rini as well.

Darker than black season 2 english cast

Usagi Dancing to the Waltz. The Mysterious Sleeping Sickness: Act 5 Makoto – Sailor Jupiter.


Mako, the Ice Skating Queen. When is it going to be on. The Mysterious Sleeping Sickness: Have you tried Hulu? How would I go about auditioning for a part? Just think about it. The Beautiful Power of Dreams.

Sailor Stars Fandub | Dubbing Sailor Moon for the fans!

Starting In 9 Pause. When is the sailor moon stars will be in english. When is episode 15 will be done. Anime Manga Shonen Jump.

Battle Inside the Demonic Space: U can watch up to episode in English dub on YouTube, and you can find the rest with subs if you search google. The Transfer Students Are Idols.

I Want a Boyfriend: Minako’s Grand Two-Timing Plan. You guys are awesome! Darker than black season saailor english cast free.

We are working on getting the last few sets of lines recorded, so we hope to have the episode up in the near future: Sailor Moon Crystal 8: Sailor Moon Crystal Trailer. I guess with being so busy I forgot to upstate the other epusode. Choose a video to embed. We will probably put up our ideas of different songs.

And will you have the download thing set up soon? Should we expect this time frame for upcoming episodes? Viz probably would of hired them.


And one last thing, I think we should all keep in mind that this is fan made, meaning that they can stop any time they want, there not being paid to do this, they are doing this for you. Whether u r lookin for Sailor Moon dubbed or subbed, its rele very easy to find.

Ami Under the Sea-Breeze. Since Chaos was the origin of all evil, including Queen Mataria the Negaforcewe will probably make a reference of some sort. The post was originally about us finding a new sailor mars voice actor. I would cancel this project! Will you make the stars season available on dvd? Where can you watch sailor moon episodes besides you tube? An English Fandub of Sailor Moon: All 10 episodes plus specials are there to stream just like YouTube.