His ability is creating offside-trap that often helped the team in dire situations when dangerous opponent strikers are attacking. Let’s show them our strength! Use the HTML below. That’s why they lost! Tiger Mask II — Come and win it! We each have to shine.

Will we be okay? Aoki densetsu shoot kubo s last goal. That’s why they lost! In the later end of series, when the anxious opponents have discovered the secrets of Double Heel Shoot and found a way to counter it, Kazuhiro lifted all his strength, creating a miraculous “Triple Heel Shoot” and tricked the awaiting opponents once again, making him an unstoppable player all the time with his Heel Shoots. Is it speed, technique, or power? Frankfurt attacks with full strength against this unbelievable tie in the score.

Come and win it! However, there’s little time remaining.

No other soccer but our own! They will kickoff momentarily. Why are you giving in!? And he plays a very important role to the team. In the end, he joins the Kakegawa High School soccer club because he loves soccer and playing in the golden trio. Everyone is doing their best- here in an unfamiliar country, and they are surrounded by enemies.


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A soccer romance with love and friendship. I really want to make my dream come true, Rudy.

This is also around the time that Toshi starts to reveal more of his deep feelings for her. Kubo-senpai left Germany in order to play his ideal soccer. What’s the difference between them and us?

Aoki Densetsu Shoot!

You have the responsibility to keep his promise in place. The story revolves around aiki boy named Toshihiko Tanaka, who has just started at Kakegawa High School in order to play association football with his idol, Yoshiharu Kubo.

Kazumi says I should make a miracle shot for Kubo-san’s sake. You’re a coward for running away now!

The game has an exhibition mode, an anime-style story mode, and a variety of options. What was Kubo-san’s dream? Toshihiko, who takes Kubo’s number 10 jersey, now needs to endeavor for his skill in The player had affected many people with his talent. Learn movle More Like This. You guys are so pathetic!

Putting aside Hiramatsu’s intensive technique, that passing wasn’t normal formation play. Is this densrtsu the team Kubo created? I can’t embarrass Kubo-san by playing an awful game. When you have the ball, imagine that all the spectators are watching you.


And then, put all your effort into getting the ball even one step closer to the goal. You’re going back to Japan now!? There’s something I want to do in Japan. Edit Cast Series cast summary: You must be a registered user to use the IMDb omvie plugin. Also, Kubo did the coaching job of the team too, he made the tactic and worked on the training of the team.

Do your best, Kake-High!

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When I took them around to visit Kubo-kun’s grave, they said they wanted to see Kakegawa’s soccer. He cares deeply for the team and has a great sense of responsibility. His innocent face combined with great offside timing proves true alongside Kakegawa team.

The high school students who put everything into soccer.